Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Is there anything more complex than eating right?

I'm on this trip right now, I'm reading about people going on a low carbs diet and I am scratching my head... what is carb and why is it bad or is it?
I started reading about it and I'm getting as confuse as a drunk driving in an obstacle course.
This brought me to one more journey; diets plan. It can be Atkins, Paleo, or whatever you fancy, a diet is still a diet.
So in the next few weeks, I'll be looking and posting about those.
To start with, I'm NOT a nutritionist, not even close, I eat to live not to earn a living. NO doctorate either in any fields. As a mater of facts, I might be one the the most uneducated person out there about food.
Of course we are all different and what is working for one person might do the opposite for someone else but why?
I will look at that but I might be bias in thinking it's mainly a mental problem and has nothing to do with physiology (wow a big word coming from my keyboard).
But one thing I am a convert and a true believer: Sugar is poison. I don't care about what anyone would say, I believe this is the number one problem in world obesity. I know it's a big statement but it's my blog, don't sue me!
I truly believe that my success was mainly a direct result of eliminating the white shit. I also believe that everyone process sugar the same way, if anyone eat the shit, they get fatter, if we cut it off; we get healthier.
I'm on my way to thin city. I don't want to get there and be by myself, that would not be sweet. But I don't want to make anyone feel bad about their choice so, I'll stay off the sugar war path for a while but you know what I think.


  1. The worst part about sugar is that it is in so many things. That is why I avoid anything pre-packaged. I stick with whole foods that I prepare myself.

  2. There's a genetic component to diets -- some groups are more susceptible to food sensitivities or food related health problems than others in ways that can't only be explained by lifestyles.

    So it makes sense to me that we might not all process foods with the same efficiencies. I tend to believe the anecdotal data that some people do well with low carbs and some don't. :)

    Or at least, that's my excuse for eating just meat and veggies for a few meals (my boyfriend's regular diet) before I DEMANDED that we add some quinoa or something once in a while before starvation set in. No carbs at all does NOT feel good for me. But I go for the nice complex carbs, yum.


  3. I've tried every diet out there - some more than once. I don't pay attention to much to the science behind why to eat this and not eat that, but I DO pay attention to how my body responds. I agree with you that everyone is different...low carb works great for some and not so great for others. It's all about finding what works best for the individual.

  4. I have never in my entire life followed any popular diet. They always begin as some fad and at some point are declared bad for you or ineffective. I visited a nutritionist when I was pregnant with my second child because I was in danger of becoming diabetic. Her advice was to eat healthy, 'real' food, and healthy portions of each. And to stay away from the crap. She didn't use the world crap but that's what she was implying :)

    1. I agree, just stay away from the crap. It's not hard to do, just don't eat shit.