Friday, July 17, 2015

Don't Give Up 2

This morning, I was walking in the village. A boat passed me (on a trailer, of course!) The name of the boat was “Don't Give Up 2”. My brain didn't need any more inspiration to start a journey on my physical condition as of late.
Since the beginning of May, I have been in pain. My back and my right shoulder hurt. When I saw my doctor, he sent me to get some X-Rays.
From the result, I had a degenerative back problem and a shoulder's tendinitis, he said. This was a shocked! he even told me that from now on, I have to limited my activities to the ones practice by the “elders”. I am 55 years OLD (notice the emphasis is on old), and I had to face life in pain and limit my activities. He sent me to a physiotherapist.
When I met her, she re-assure me that my pain was from the tendinitis and my back was normal for my age. After 5 sessions in her torture chambers, she sent me back to my doctor to see if they could remove what was causing my shoulder pain because I was not improving.
She agree with my doctor that for the time being, I should not move my right arm over my head. In pickelball term: No smash!
After my last visit with the physio, I gave up! I was losing confidence in my medical team. I decided to stop complaining about my pain. If someone would ask, I was to tell them, I was better. When you give up hope, you either get depress or you accept what ever is going on. I'm not the depressive type so I accepted that from now on, I'll be in pain. So I would have to live with it.
Then it was a Thursday and I was tired to look at my neglected house. I started the exterior washing. To do that, I was on a step ladder a great part of the day, with my right arm over my head. This is exactly what my doctor and the physio said not to do. I didn't care, I thought that I would be a few days in pain but I was already in pain so, what!
The following day, I was not in more pain. I had planned to take it easy but since I was OK, why not go for couple of game of pickelball. So off to the court. I played about 2 hours. I was not suppose to smash the ball but in several occasion, I “tap” the ball when I shouldn't. No strength behind the shot just lightly tapping the ball above my head. I felt something in my shoulder, it was like a little tingling. I kept playing, I figured latter I would deal with the pain.
In the evening, I was standing up by the sink and realized that I had no pain in my shoulder. I rise slowly my arm above my head and where I was getting pain before there was not anymore.
I can't explain how, but the only thing I can see is that I have been more active, ignoring advice.
I just don't know if it's healing right now and what I have been told so far was a load of manure... the stinky one at that!
I would say my shoulder is back to 80 %. It's not painful anymore, it's more like soreness after being inactive for a while.
Was “Don't Give Up 2” a reminder that just float by or what?


  1. Yay for the shoulder feeling better! I did that recently with some back/hip sciatica pain. My doctor has said to rest when it acts up. I decided to go for a walk instead. After 15 minutes of walking, the pain worked itself out and it hasn't hurt since then. Doctors aren't always right!

    1. I am always aware that at the end, I'm responsible for my health. The doctor give advice and some of them are pills pusher.

  2. Wow! I hope you continue to feel good and can keep doing everything you want to do pain free.

  3. Huh! Well things got better, since the physiotherapist decided you didn't have back pain, just tendonitis. And now your tendonitis has gone away!

    So in some yoga! :D Several of the poses I do help protect the back and are good for shoulder tendonitis.


    1. I've seen you doing yoga, not for me right now, I won't push my luck to that extreme yet!

  4. I wonder sometimes about the advice we get... Hmmm... I find that I feel great when I'm very active and full of aches and pains when I'm not. In any case, you know your limitations and how far to push yourself. It seems like this worked out great for you!

    1. Yes Martha we have to know our own limitation. And there is nothing worse to age faster than being inactive.

  5. It really does come down to being our own advocates and doing what we need to do to get better. Doctors are MOST certainly NOT always correct.