Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Breakfast in the Bag

Today was a special day, I had breakfast. Well with the amount of food, let's be real and call it brunch!
I don't know if any of you doesn't know about this easy way to have a group of people have brunch all at the same time and to their own liking.
First you chopped-up all kind of food people would like in an omelet. We had celery, onions (fried and raw), peppers (red, yellow and orange), bacon, and mushrooms.
You boiled water in a big pot.
Meanwhile everyone break 1 or 2 eggs in a plastic identified freezer bag and scrambled them.

You added couple of spoon of milk. Then added what ever items you would like.
Remove the air from the bag and sealed the bag.

Once the water is boiling, deposit the bags in the pot. Constantly stirred the bags so that no bag get stuck on the side.
After 11 to 13 minutes removed the bags. Cut with scissor and your personnel omelet will just fall into your plate. All you need after is potatoes, more bacon and baked beans.
No need for butter, it's very healthy, everyone food is ready at the same time and it's fun!
Mium Mium

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coffee Break

One thing about me, I'm a creature of habits. I am a coffee drinker, I need that percolator beverage to boost my brain in the morning.
However, I don't just drink any flavor. For a long time, I've been drinking Raspberry chocolate flavor. One day at the cafeteria, my flavor was not available so I tried something named “cream of Caramel”. I enjoyed it so much that I switch right then and there. This love affair has been going on for over 10 years.
At home the only place I could find my flavor was at a fresh produce store. The store closed about 3 months ago. My life has been hell ever seen, I can't find my flavor any where. Believe me, I'm checking every time I see a coffee store. But so far no luck. 
Last week I went to one place that was only a coffee store, when I talked to the owner, he was kind of insult that I asked for a flavor coffee, he lecture me about how they were making flavor coffee and all the wrong thing with it.
I just thank him but I didn't care , I NEED MY CREAM OF CARAMEL'S COFFEE.
It's funny as I'm writing this post on the radio they are saying today is coffee day!
Life can be so difficult at time, don't you think so?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Party Animals

Three weeks ago, a couple a few doors down invited all of us to a bake-in-the-sand beans party. I thought the chance of the party happening were as slim as bears moving in the campground (but bears happened)... you see in our part of the world, the end of September means rain, cold and more rain. This is not the type of weather when you can have a fire outside all day long to bake beans outside.
Saturday was the day of the party. It was gorgeous! no cloud and warm, just to show you, I'm not a weather forecaster, I don't mind to be wrong once in a while!
In the afternoon, the hosts were not home for a little while and I decided to play a joke on them. I buried a can of baked beans in their sand.
All afternoon, every time I see the beans-baker-extraordinaire, I would tell them that we should do a taste test to see if the beans were getting ready. I would also tell them I smelt a little burn, maybe we should dig them out to make sure every thing was fine.
Around 4:30 PM the beans were dig out of their sand trap. I told the hosts that I wasn't sure about the beans and I cooked my own batch and then I dig out MY can of beans. LOL
We all had a great time and this event really mark the end of our summer social until their is another reason to have a party...
WAIT yesterday was blood moon, what did we do? We had a party to celebrate this phenomena. Two party two day in a row at the end of September, just outstanding!
Did you watch the moon last night? 


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Care bear

So many things happening so little time... I'm just back from a trip to Quebec city, I'll be posting about that next week.
I'm a chronologically oriented person so I'll post today about the events of last week and further down, I'll be doing a lot of catching up for a while, hopefully every thing get back to slow city for a while (but it doesn't look that way)!
If you read my post on the thirteen, we had visitors, 3 bears decided to take residence in our campground. Those were not care bears nor berenstain bears, they were 2 cubs and their mother, which was only a teenager herself. Maybe at this point, I should talk about family planning and safe sex but I don't know much about bear's sexuality, so I'll just gone not say anything else on that matter!
The games warden were call. They showed up with 2 trucks and ONE cage. After a while they decided to setup the cage hoping that the cubs would go in and not be heavy enough to trigger the door and then their mother will follow and get caught.
They didn't had food for the bear, they picked in their own lunch bag to provided a meal to attracted the bears in the cage. By the time the wardens left, it was around supper time, the street where they had set the cage was blocked by a plastic fence but other than that nothing secure.
Around 9:30 PM, I heard a big noise, I knew that the cage was now occupied, it was dark and I didn't go to see what had been caught, I'm chicken that way LOL
Early in the morning, slowly I looked up and sure enough, there was 2 cubs in the cage and the mother was outside, keeping an eyes on her kids. So the plan didn't work!
When the wardens came back, they decided to release the cubs across in the mountain. It's about 5 KM (3 Miles) from the camping ground. Apparently the mother can smell her cubs within 10 KM.
Now I had my doubt about that, this whole family moved in where there was no food but just 500 feet down was the all-you-can-eat-buffet, also known as the garbage can of the camping.
The day after the cubs where removed, one person said that he saw either a bear or a dog... I guess he didn't had a 20/20 sight. But since then no more sighing of this un-welcome family!
Not an happy Mama!

 The cage is below the 10 Sign on the left. You can see one of the cub inside.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

They are out there

Last week, I decided to do what a few other men before me did... I conquered fire!
This require flints, some dried tinder, and kindling on top. That is if you are a cave men. I had a lighter, paper and wood, so much easier!
This is not really an event as I live in a camping. But whenever the fire is light, friends come to share stories, wine and the heat.
The days are getting shorter, I didn't really notice until that night. After a while one couple left, then by the time the last couple went back to their own cave trailer, I looked at the time: 9:00 PM and it was pitch dark.
I looked up and the sky was illuminate by so many stars, I could even see the milky way. What a grandiose show! we are so thinly in this universe. For years I didn't look up at night, I forgot all about those celestial bodies that we can enjoy for almost anywhere. Tonight if the sky is clear, just take a few minutes and look up; They are out there! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Hard Way

Do you ever feel trap because you can't achieve your goals, here what might be a solution...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bear with me

Sometimes going to the garbage bin can be soooo exciting!
After souper, I put my shoes on, took the garbage bag and proceed to go to the garbage bin which are located at the front of the camping ground.
It's about a 10 minutes walk, so I can do that while completely lost in my thoughts!
Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from a very near pine tree. I looked up and there is 2 bears climbing it. I was so shocked! A few seconds before, I could have walk right by them and end up being their evening meals.
I walked back home, dropped the garbage bags back in the home, grab my camera and went to get few shots otherwise no one would ever believe me. See what the extend of being credible make me do, risk my life and all (ok a little dramatic).
I went around and warned everyone to be careful if they go out. What did everyone do? They also grab their camera and started shooting the bears.
Now I'm safely home, I'm looking at my fireplace, it would be so nice to have a bear skin laying in front of it, don't you think so?
This is Mom

This is the baby

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Annual Check-up

Today I had my annual Check-up. Seems to me I just spend too much time in that clinic lately. But I know “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” or if you are into Metric: “28.3495 grams of prevention is worth .453592 KG of cure”
It was not too bad since I didn't need to provide blood or any other samples as I already done that 10 days ago. BUT I had to get one finger up my... inner self to check my prostrate, snif, snif.
The results are in: No meds for Cholesterol, No meds for blood pressure, No meds for anything. I am healthy!
This is also the first time my doctor doesn't put pressure on me to lose weight, stop coffee, stop enjoying life as I know it. This is the first time, he was happy about my results.
So the lesson is: if you eat less, eat better and exercise, you will make your doctor happy! Isn't it what we all strive for?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Everything is NOT cool

What the fridge is going on? I looked at the calendar, September the 7th... does someone is playing a joke? I love Autumn because of the cooler weather. I'm NOT a summer person, I have hair all over my body, I need COOL.
It's noon right now and the weather feels like 34 C. (93 F.) freaking degree with enough humidity that fish would not die outside of the lake.
If you are reading those lines and hearing me whiny... you are right, that is exactly what I'm doing! I have no energy to do anything else.
I'm steaming (literally) right now. I have the air conditioning blasting relief cooler air, if it was not for this luxury, I would be digging a hole for myself in the backyard to crawl in, but digging would make me sweatier, darn can't escape!
I'm just back from 2 hours walking and 2 and a half hour of pickelball, I think for the rest of the day, I'll just stay home and looked by the window at the fouls walking by in this heat. Maybe I'll open a cool beer and wave at them from behind the windows. Crazy people!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


You never going to guess what I'm wearing right now?

If from the picture you guess a shirt and shorts... give yourself half a pat in the back, but that is not what I'm talking about.
The shirt is a small one and the shorts are size 30. I'm ecstatic considering that in February I was wearing XXL shirts and my pants were size 38.
You would see better the difference if I was naked but really, I don't want my blog to be that popular hahaha

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Yesterday I did nothing. Didn't walk, didn't bike, I thought about going to canoe in the afternoon, didn't do that either. Just spend the day breathing in and breathing out.
This day of nothingness was a first one in months that I took. It wasn't plan, just a spur of the moment thing.
I even watch TVs; a marathon of Viking. Like in a previous time, I took a snack while watching the shows, the difference being that it was not chocolate and chips, it was a cup of unsweet corn flakes cereal.
I also drove to Ottawa, picked up my daughter at her job and went to do a little shopping. I need a pair of hiking shoes, I found one pair that was comfortable but was $120. I did something I never did before, I told the young lady that was helping me that I'll wait for them to go on sale before buying. She didn't rolled her eyes or yelled in the store “HEY WE HAVE A CHEAP ONE OVER HERE!”, she said: “OK let me write down the model for you.”
So now I'm shoe-less but I feel great about yesterday. Sometime nothing is what we need. What didn't you do yesterday?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Sitting down

Yesterday I spent most of the day sitting down. As you might know, I walk a lot so it was an unusual day for me.
I did walk a little, I would get off my seat and walked few steps, and then get right back to my seat and started pedaling...
Three posts ago, I mentioned that I want to hike 200 KM on the “Le petit train du Nord” trail. I changed my mind, I'm going to do a lot of day hike instead to build up my ability to hike long distance. Instead I'm going to bike the trail. This is the reason I'm looking at converting my truck's box for camping.
I'm going to park the truck at one point, biked the trail for 25 KM, comeback to the truck (total distance 50 KM) and then the next day get back on the trail and bike in the other direction. So by the time I'm done with the trail, I'll have bike 400 KM.
The truck will be my base camp. So I will not need to carry anything with me the whole time, just a lunch and snacks.
So yesterday at 07:00 AM, I got the bikes in the back of my truck, drove to the end of the trail and bike 25 KM down as a test run.
I haven't done much biking in the past 2 years, that was a looooong day. To bike 50 KM, it took about 5.5 hours (with few stops).
The day was perfect in the morning, but on the return leg, it was hot.
I crossed path with a few kids, you know the one that are not going to school anymore, they have white hairs, I guess I should count myself in that group, right?
I had considered sleeping in the truck last night and brought along the bedding. So after the day on the trail, I went to do a social visit. But the more the time to go to bed approached the more I felt like I would love a shower (hey a princess has to have priority!)... so I drove back home. By the time I was back it was 10:00 PM, a quick shower and it was time to put the head on the pillow.
I'm inserting a lot of pictures, you can enlarge them by clicking on them.
Starting point at 200 KM

Mont-Laurier's old train station

The trail all by myself

The wagons

The water hole (literally)

Mushroom or a satellite dish... not too sure!

KM 177 duh!

Nice halt

Lake in the Laurentian

Don't jump Richard

One more mushroom

Refuge if a bear attack... or something else!
Wild life spotted! I stay at a safe distance to take this picture but you never know, I risk my life to get you folks this picture :)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Are you Tuck-in?

Last week, I had to get some blood work. Nothing wrong, just my medical checkup coming up soon. So while sitting in the waiting room, wondering if I'll survive the needle, I was checking out a man. Now don't get the wrong idea...
In the past quarter of a century, I have been sporting a nice oversize belly. This is where most of my fat decided to live. If you have this roundness you know that there is one problem with pants. The waist band can't hold the belly in and you end up with pants that have a fold waist band. In my case it was so bad that the waist band fold over my belt.
So the easy solution is to wear a shirt over your pants. YOU NEVER TUCK-IN your shirt EVER. The other solution was to lose the belly fat but that is a story for another time.
Back to my man crush observation in the waiting room. He was wearing pants (thanks God) but I noticed his shirt was tuck-in. “HEY Richard” I told myself without anyone else hearing it, “I lost the belly, I can tuck-in my shirt too!” I kid you not, mentally I was still thinking of myself as needing hide my fat, it didn't cross my mind that I didn't need to anymore to worry about my waist band being fold. I don't need suspender, I don't even need a belt and as a bonus, I'm all tuck-in!
Writing this, to my own surprise, I'm really emotional. Both of my daughter had never knew me at this size. Even when I took this journey, I didn't believe I would made it. But I did, and it was not a struggle, I just eat less, exercise and let the pounds drop. It's insane to why I wait this long to get back in a healthier body!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sleeping Arrangement

Last night I slept in the back of my truck.
Before anyone start to offer me a free room... NO the bank didn't take my home back (they can't take what is MINE). I didn't run out of money, I have pensions coming in, can't be more secure. Was not through out of my household either.
It was a deliberate test. The truck was parked just beside the home with my comfortable bed and running water and toilet. I know insane right?
It's all part of the Richard v2.0, I want to do more fun activities. Specifically, hiking and biking. By having my truck available to sleep in, it really open doors that were so more complicate to get to.
I have a travel trailer, but when you move with this, you need a camping, electricity, water, dumb station (for you know, all the dumps). You have to hook up, set up. You have to pay for more gas (it's heavy to pull), camping fees. After driving a day with it, I'm beat. You are just not that free!
So having a room that can be hidden in plain sight, that I can drive anywhere, park, get the bike out, the running shoes on, and start right away a new adventure, will be a huge improvement. So in a way, I'm simplifying and go stealthy.
Yesterday I bought a sheet of plywood, cut it so it fit in my truck's box, got the mattress from my trailer and was all set for the night.
How did I slept? Not too bad, the mattress need to be replace, hey I was a princess in a previous life. It was a little hot but not too bad, considering.
So next week, I'll be building up the truck for a little more convenience, I'll post all about it.

Richard's cave!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rocks, Sticks and Toads

Today's title is a contribution from The Happy Whisk where baking is fun, Halloween is in full swing and the lady sleep sometime on a slab, sometime in a coffin.
About 2 weeks ago, I was speaking with a friend and he said: “Richard with all your walking, are you thinking about doing the Compostela trail?”
No it never crossed my mind!” I answered back thinking it's some kind of a joke that the punch is escaping me; after all there is 'Compost' in Compostela.
But he was serious, he explained it was a pilgrimage in Europe where people walks in Northern Spain 700 KM to get to a cathedral at “The Camino de Santiago”.
Lately there is over 200,000 pilgrim doing this every year. For something I didn't know anything about, 3 couples on our campground has done it.
I'm a sucker for adventure, right then and there, I knew something had change in me; providing me with a goal to my daily crazy numbers of steps.
I will not be doing the Compostela trail any time soon but I decide to hike the “Petit Train du Nord” (translate to the little North Train). This is a 200 KM (125 miles) trail running from Saint-Jérôme to Mont-Laurier on a De-commisionned rail way.
The plan right now is to leave around mid September and hike the whole trail in 8 days carrying a pack sack, tent, sleeping bag, and food. NO computer, NO TV and NO internet!
From what I read, my pack sack should weight around 30-35 lbs so even with this weight on my shoulder, I'll still be lighter than when I took this Health trail at the beginning of February, isn't that something!
I'm sure there will be plenty of rocks, sticks and toads along the way, so when I return I'll have plenty of pictures to share.
Anything exciting in your life happening in September?
Le Petit Train du Nord