Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sleeping Arrangement

Last night I slept in the back of my truck.
Before anyone start to offer me a free room... NO the bank didn't take my home back (they can't take what is MINE). I didn't run out of money, I have pensions coming in, can't be more secure. Was not through out of my household either.
It was a deliberate test. The truck was parked just beside the home with my comfortable bed and running water and toilet. I know insane right?
It's all part of the Richard v2.0, I want to do more fun activities. Specifically, hiking and biking. By having my truck available to sleep in, it really open doors that were so more complicate to get to.
I have a travel trailer, but when you move with this, you need a camping, electricity, water, dumb station (for you know, all the dumps). You have to hook up, set up. You have to pay for more gas (it's heavy to pull), camping fees. After driving a day with it, I'm beat. You are just not that free!
So having a room that can be hidden in plain sight, that I can drive anywhere, park, get the bike out, the running shoes on, and start right away a new adventure, will be a huge improvement. So in a way, I'm simplifying and go stealthy.
Yesterday I bought a sheet of plywood, cut it so it fit in my truck's box, got the mattress from my trailer and was all set for the night.
How did I slept? Not too bad, the mattress need to be replace, hey I was a princess in a previous life. It was a little hot but not too bad, considering.
So next week, I'll be building up the truck for a little more convenience, I'll post all about it.

Richard's cave!


  1. Princess in a past life? Wait, not at all one now though?

    Great idea to see how it goes.

    1. Richard still exhibits traces of his past life as a princess -- such as an ability to hand feed cute animals, the need for a quality mattress, and a suspicious record of renting chick flicks "because the rest of the family likes them".


    2. Hahahaha, you are brilliant and just as funny as your pop. Great stuff. Any chances of you putting together your own blog?

    3. Hahaha! Too funny. It does sound like some of that princess personality has followed dear old dad into the present life :)

      Well, I'm certainly curious to see how this idea goes!

  2. You know, there's some great hiking and biking in Nova Scotia!


  3. ahahaa, i want to be like this also when i'm in pension. When i lived in Northern Germany (yes, i lived also in Germany) i met one guy who bicycled himself there all the way from North Finland. This is the way he is enjoying his time in pension. But this is not all: From Germany he bicycled to Hungary. Then the same root back to Finland. During the trip he used motel only a couple of nights. He was cycling with a tent, one pair of socks, knife, cellphone and wallet.