Monday, September 28, 2015

Party Animals

Three weeks ago, a couple a few doors down invited all of us to a bake-in-the-sand beans party. I thought the chance of the party happening were as slim as bears moving in the campground (but bears happened)... you see in our part of the world, the end of September means rain, cold and more rain. This is not the type of weather when you can have a fire outside all day long to bake beans outside.
Saturday was the day of the party. It was gorgeous! no cloud and warm, just to show you, I'm not a weather forecaster, I don't mind to be wrong once in a while!
In the afternoon, the hosts were not home for a little while and I decided to play a joke on them. I buried a can of baked beans in their sand.
All afternoon, every time I see the beans-baker-extraordinaire, I would tell them that we should do a taste test to see if the beans were getting ready. I would also tell them I smelt a little burn, maybe we should dig them out to make sure every thing was fine.
Around 4:30 PM the beans were dig out of their sand trap. I told the hosts that I wasn't sure about the beans and I cooked my own batch and then I dig out MY can of beans. LOL
We all had a great time and this event really mark the end of our summer social until their is another reason to have a party...
WAIT yesterday was blood moon, what did we do? We had a party to celebrate this phenomena. Two party two day in a row at the end of September, just outstanding!
Did you watch the moon last night? 



  1. LOL at burying a can of beans. :D

    Heyyyyy, why am I not getting credit for the moon?


  2. Parties two days in a row? What a wild bunch you are :)

  3. Great pictures WWE.

    And Richard, beans? And no mention of farting?