Friday, September 4, 2015

Sitting down

Yesterday I spent most of the day sitting down. As you might know, I walk a lot so it was an unusual day for me.
I did walk a little, I would get off my seat and walked few steps, and then get right back to my seat and started pedaling...
Three posts ago, I mentioned that I want to hike 200 KM on the “Le petit train du Nord” trail. I changed my mind, I'm going to do a lot of day hike instead to build up my ability to hike long distance. Instead I'm going to bike the trail. This is the reason I'm looking at converting my truck's box for camping.
I'm going to park the truck at one point, biked the trail for 25 KM, comeback to the truck (total distance 50 KM) and then the next day get back on the trail and bike in the other direction. So by the time I'm done with the trail, I'll have bike 400 KM.
The truck will be my base camp. So I will not need to carry anything with me the whole time, just a lunch and snacks.
So yesterday at 07:00 AM, I got the bikes in the back of my truck, drove to the end of the trail and bike 25 KM down as a test run.
I haven't done much biking in the past 2 years, that was a looooong day. To bike 50 KM, it took about 5.5 hours (with few stops).
The day was perfect in the morning, but on the return leg, it was hot.
I crossed path with a few kids, you know the one that are not going to school anymore, they have white hairs, I guess I should count myself in that group, right?
I had considered sleeping in the truck last night and brought along the bedding. So after the day on the trail, I went to do a social visit. But the more the time to go to bed approached the more I felt like I would love a shower (hey a princess has to have priority!)... so I drove back home. By the time I was back it was 10:00 PM, a quick shower and it was time to put the head on the pillow.
I'm inserting a lot of pictures, you can enlarge them by clicking on them.
Starting point at 200 KM

Mont-Laurier's old train station

The trail all by myself

The wagons

The water hole (literally)

Mushroom or a satellite dish... not too sure!

KM 177 duh!

Nice halt

Lake in the Laurentian

Don't jump Richard

One more mushroom

Refuge if a bear attack... or something else!
Wild life spotted! I stay at a safe distance to take this picture but you never know, I risk my life to get you folks this picture :)


  1. Wow, biking the trail is going to be awesome!!! I hope you'll bring us tons more pictures, including some of the terrifying wildlife. ;)


    1. Because of some appointments, the journey will not begin before September 23 but that is when the color of Autumn will be at their best. I don't know if I'll risk my life again to bring wildlife shots LOL

  2. Love the photo's ... lake looks great, wildlife look great, you look very relaxed.

    Happy Weekend Wishes

    All the best Jan

  3. I love the funky bike helmet. Gotta protect that brain of yours :) And a safe place to hide in case a bear attacks. What more could you ask for?

    1. Ivyyyyyyyyy it's slighly used, not the fastest processor, poor memory bank, but it's there, I have a brain!

    2. Thank you Martha, YOUR comment was nice, unlike you-know-who! hahaha