Saturday, September 26, 2015

Care bear

So many things happening so little time... I'm just back from a trip to Quebec city, I'll be posting about that next week.
I'm a chronologically oriented person so I'll post today about the events of last week and further down, I'll be doing a lot of catching up for a while, hopefully every thing get back to slow city for a while (but it doesn't look that way)!
If you read my post on the thirteen, we had visitors, 3 bears decided to take residence in our campground. Those were not care bears nor berenstain bears, they were 2 cubs and their mother, which was only a teenager herself. Maybe at this point, I should talk about family planning and safe sex but I don't know much about bear's sexuality, so I'll just gone not say anything else on that matter!
The games warden were call. They showed up with 2 trucks and ONE cage. After a while they decided to setup the cage hoping that the cubs would go in and not be heavy enough to trigger the door and then their mother will follow and get caught.
They didn't had food for the bear, they picked in their own lunch bag to provided a meal to attracted the bears in the cage. By the time the wardens left, it was around supper time, the street where they had set the cage was blocked by a plastic fence but other than that nothing secure.
Around 9:30 PM, I heard a big noise, I knew that the cage was now occupied, it was dark and I didn't go to see what had been caught, I'm chicken that way LOL
Early in the morning, slowly I looked up and sure enough, there was 2 cubs in the cage and the mother was outside, keeping an eyes on her kids. So the plan didn't work!
When the wardens came back, they decided to release the cubs across in the mountain. It's about 5 KM (3 Miles) from the camping ground. Apparently the mother can smell her cubs within 10 KM.
Now I had my doubt about that, this whole family moved in where there was no food but just 500 feet down was the all-you-can-eat-buffet, also known as the garbage can of the camping.
The day after the cubs where removed, one person said that he saw either a bear or a dog... I guess he didn't had a 20/20 sight. But since then no more sighing of this un-welcome family!
Not an happy Mama!

 The cage is below the 10 Sign on the left. You can see one of the cub inside.


  1. Hahaha, oh no, the cubs in the cage with the mother outside. That was most definitely not the optimal way of calming things down!


    1. Wild life doesn't go for the most optimal way too often!

  2. Babies inside and the Mama on the out. Terrible idea and probably more stressful than things needed to be, for the bears.

    1. At that point, the cubs were stress, the mama was stress and the human were stressed :)

    2. And that should have never been the case. They did a beyond piss poor job with this. And they should have known better than that. Wanks.

  3. Where is the dad? How about talking about shared parenting or child support at the very least :)

    Poor bears, especially mama. She must have been so stressed to see her babies trapped like that.

    1. I heard the dad left fr another mama... wild right?