Wednesday, September 16, 2015

They are out there

Last week, I decided to do what a few other men before me did... I conquered fire!
This require flints, some dried tinder, and kindling on top. That is if you are a cave men. I had a lighter, paper and wood, so much easier!
This is not really an event as I live in a camping. But whenever the fire is light, friends come to share stories, wine and the heat.
The days are getting shorter, I didn't really notice until that night. After a while one couple left, then by the time the last couple went back to their own cave trailer, I looked at the time: 9:00 PM and it was pitch dark.
I looked up and the sky was illuminate by so many stars, I could even see the milky way. What a grandiose show! we are so thinly in this universe. For years I didn't look up at night, I forgot all about those celestial bodies that we can enjoy for almost anywhere. Tonight if the sky is clear, just take a few minutes and look up; They are out there! 


  1. Good to hear you looked up. It's a great big sky out there and I love it so.

  2. I've heard that camping is a 5 billion star hotel instead of just a 5 star hotel. But a 5 star hotel has better beds!

  3. Heheheheh, "we are so thinly in this universe". Too many posts about weight loss! :D


  4. Yes, it's an amazing universe! I usually forget to look up but a few nights ago when my husband and I got home after dark, I looked up and the sky was full of stars. I was if I was seeing it for the first time in my life. Such a simple pleasure.

  5. It is so nice to see the stars ...

    All the best Jan

  6. Still no you. My world just doesn't make sense anymore. Where oh where, are you????

    1. Hahahaha now who is the funniest of them all :-)

      Don't despair fair lady, I'll be back tomorrow...

    2. Good to hear. Now my world makes sense again.