Monday, September 7, 2015

Everything is NOT cool

What the fridge is going on? I looked at the calendar, September the 7th... does someone is playing a joke? I love Autumn because of the cooler weather. I'm NOT a summer person, I have hair all over my body, I need COOL.
It's noon right now and the weather feels like 34 C. (93 F.) freaking degree with enough humidity that fish would not die outside of the lake.
If you are reading those lines and hearing me whiny... you are right, that is exactly what I'm doing! I have no energy to do anything else.
I'm steaming (literally) right now. I have the air conditioning blasting relief cooler air, if it was not for this luxury, I would be digging a hole for myself in the backyard to crawl in, but digging would make me sweatier, darn can't escape!
I'm just back from 2 hours walking and 2 and a half hour of pickelball, I think for the rest of the day, I'll just stay home and looked by the window at the fouls walking by in this heat. Maybe I'll open a cool beer and wave at them from behind the windows. Crazy people!


  1. Sorry about the heat - I'll send over some of our cooler air ....

    Take care

    All the best Jan

    1. Please do so Jan, I opened my windows to let your cooler air in.

  2. It is the same way here. Thank goodness we have air conditioning because both my husband and I would be dead now from overheating with all the renovations we're doing!

    1. My air unit was going even during the night... that's bad!

  3. It stayed hot overnight here. :(

    Last week, we had an insane day where we went from 8 celcius to 32. Whyyyy? :D