Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coffee Break

One thing about me, I'm a creature of habits. I am a coffee drinker, I need that percolator beverage to boost my brain in the morning.
However, I don't just drink any flavor. For a long time, I've been drinking Raspberry chocolate flavor. One day at the cafeteria, my flavor was not available so I tried something named “cream of Caramel”. I enjoyed it so much that I switch right then and there. This love affair has been going on for over 10 years.
At home the only place I could find my flavor was at a fresh produce store. The store closed about 3 months ago. My life has been hell ever seen, I can't find my flavor any where. Believe me, I'm checking every time I see a coffee store. But so far no luck. 
Last week I went to one place that was only a coffee store, when I talked to the owner, he was kind of insult that I asked for a flavor coffee, he lecture me about how they were making flavor coffee and all the wrong thing with it.
I just thank him but I didn't care , I NEED MY CREAM OF CARAMEL'S COFFEE.
It's funny as I'm writing this post on the radio they are saying today is coffee day!
Life can be so difficult at time, don't you think so?


  1. Take a cup of coffee, scoop in a cup of caramel, there we go! All done! :)


  2. Coffee tastes horrible, I'm not surprised you prefer something that doesn't actually taste like coffee! Just have a caramel milkshake and be done with it.

  3. First world problems :) Although I can't start my day without coffee either. But without caramel.

  4. Sorry you can't find your coffee. Did you go on to see if someone sells it there?

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  6. Richard I think you could find your favorite coffee in that list of multiple flavours.

  7. I just find out by wanting to buy some coffee myself that the shipping fees are 40$, this is a non sense. Too bad so sad.