Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bear with me

Sometimes going to the garbage bin can be soooo exciting!
After souper, I put my shoes on, took the garbage bag and proceed to go to the garbage bin which are located at the front of the camping ground.
It's about a 10 minutes walk, so I can do that while completely lost in my thoughts!
Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from a very near pine tree. I looked up and there is 2 bears climbing it. I was so shocked! A few seconds before, I could have walk right by them and end up being their evening meals.
I walked back home, dropped the garbage bags back in the home, grab my camera and went to get few shots otherwise no one would ever believe me. See what the extend of being credible make me do, risk my life and all (ok a little dramatic).
I went around and warned everyone to be careful if they go out. What did everyone do? They also grab their camera and started shooting the bears.
Now I'm safely home, I'm looking at my fireplace, it would be so nice to have a bear skin laying in front of it, don't you think so?
This is Mom

This is the baby


  1. Yes, yes, they're dangerous, blablablbalba, oh my goodness they are ADORABLE!


  2. SO cute! I would also have run out with my camera!