Thursday, July 23, 2015

Doctor Visit # 429

Yesterday I went to see my doctor. Since my return from Florida in April, I have seen him 429 times! Well not really, I dream have nightmare about him often enough.
Just as a re-cap, May first I stopped my pills for cholesterol, I didn't get medical advice first, I trusted my instinct and want to speed up the process.
So 2 weeks later, I went to see my doctor. He was not happy, but being concern about my health (ya right), he told me to wait in Jun and get blood work to see my cholesterol level.
June I conquered my fear of needle and got blood remove from my body. From the color I could tell there was no cholesterol (I should have been a doctor, wanna play?)
Just in case my theory about the color was wrong, I took an appointment to go back to see my doctor. Yesterday was that day.
When I entered his office, he didn't waste time he asked: “Why are you here, your annual checkup is next month!” Maybe I'm a little too sensitive but a welcome would have been nice and then with a look of concern how are you doing? I guess my doctor never watched Doctor Welby!
Then he started looking at my chart probably looking for an answer to his own question. I knew the answer but while he is doing that, he is not blasting me. So after a nano second he turn and look at me: “Do you have your sheet?”
At that point I am confused: “Which sheet?” I dare asked.
The one about your blood pressure!” annoy him answered.
Now this is from personal observation, but maybe he has been working around drugs for too long...
I am not here about my blood pressure I'm here about my cholesterol.” You folks are not doctor right? But you got that, right? He didn't.
You know when you are going to go to the pharmacy to renew your blood pressure pills, you are going to have a problem because, it is due to be renew at your checkup” ignoring me stated.
I don't take BP pills, you told me last fall that I didn't need it anymore.”
That is not what I said, I said every thing was OK, it didn't mean to stop your meds”.
In my mind I'm racing to find in my memory bank the conversation we had about that, but it has been erase.
So now for my annual checkup I have to bring records of my BP for a few weeks plus I have to go back and give more blood, plus shit on a paper and take a sample (scuse my French) and pee in a bottle (which he doesn't want me to write a message on and send in the sea). If that was not enough, on that checkup, he wear one glove... I am so looking forward for next time...
By then he thinks he is done and he is ready to dismiss me. However, I still don't have an answer to my question... “what about my cholesterol level?”
It's fine!” he said.
Well I guess I was right about stopping the cholesterol pills!” just my way to say, in your face!
There you have it folks, losing weight do work and get you healthier.


  1. Yay! No more cholesterol pill! CONGRATS! :) :) :)


    1. Thanks this is one important benefit :-)

  2. Great to hear, good thoughts, and best wishes!

  3. That is wonderful! Good decision on your part. The doctor should have been happy about that; he seems to be more defensive!

    1. I don't care much about my doctor, but I'm proud of what I did in the past 6 months.

  4. Much congrat in your recovery to heal, and for listening to your own body.

    PS. That doctor sounds like a wank-hole.

    1. Thanks Ivy. Yes my doctor is a wank-hole, every time I have to take another appointment with him, I always tell his secretary that HE wants to see me, not the other was around, she smile back and say she understand...

    2. Would you switch doctors? I don't know what that involves in your area but man, that's too bad he's like that.

    3. I can't switch, there is long waiting list to get a doctor. But I don't mind, he is a great source of blog material, he has very small fingers and I do what I want not what he wants.

  5. Sorry Richard ... having been away for a few days I'm only just catching up on reading!

    Great to read - you are in a good place, and as Ivy said 'listening to your own body'

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan.