Sunday, July 26, 2015

I am a Disgrace

Last Sunday,I proclaimed loudly that I was back on the losing team. I further push the audacity stating that I would lose 1.5 pound in a week.
This morning when I stepped on the scale my number was 169 lbs. This is a drop of only 1.2 lb. I will be living in shame for the rest of this week, I'm short .3 lb from my goal.
I'll understand if no one read my posts ever again. I wish I had excuses, but I have been too busy walking and had no time to come up with good ones, so instead here some bad one:
I was force fed while sleeping.
My bowels were full (I told you it was bad excuses).
I ate too much fruits.
By mistake, one morning, I put cream instead of milk in my coffee.
I walked by a neighbor and it smelt like bacon, I overfill my lungs.
I was wearing my socks.
I have wax in my ears.


  1. Shaaaame on you! :D


  2. The 3rd to last was my favorite one.

    1. This week I change my route so that I would not walk by him anymore!

  3. Or it might be nose hair. Men over 50 develop hair in their nose. You might want to trim it before you step on the scale next time :)

    1. hahahaha the best response, don't forget ears hair too... it all add up at the end!

  4. I am ashamed of you. Couldn't you walk another 100,000 steps and weigh yourself again?

    1. Nah I would not want to over do it... 150,000 in a week is about as crazy as I'll get LOL

  5. Hey Richard 1.2 is a loss, which many would be happy with ...

    But I loved reading your excuses!

    Hope your week has started well.

    All the best Jan