Saturday, July 18, 2015

Music in my Ear

Lately I have been bringing a group of people to walk with me.
My French besties: Jean-Pierre Ferland, Isabelle Boulay, Ima, Paul Piché, and I never forget to stop and invite Michel Rivard.
However, I'm kind of a control freak... I just point with my fingers to whose turn it is to serenade me. I'm an introvert so I don't talk much, I just listen.
Being bilingual, I also invite: Leonard Cohen, Jim Brickman, Lorenna Mckennitt, Sarah McLachlan and my pals from across the pound James Blunt.
I'm spending hours with them, stepping to the speed of their beats.
Last week, I bough an MP3, it's a small device but if I would load it to its maximum capacity, it would pack 1600 hours of music. For the time I spend walking, it would translate in about 2 years without once listening to the same song.
What are you listening to while training? Are you like me and favor soft music?


  1. I listen to books. I get lost in the plot and forget I'm exercising. I have discovered that mystery and intrigue are best for me. I only allow myself to listen while working out, so sometimes I keep going so I can find out what happens next!

  2. I usually watch a pre-taped TV show when I'm on the treadmill with headphones on. And a magazine to read when commercials are on. But when I'm doing reno work like painting, I play music. All different types. From soft music to hard work. Makes no difference as long as I like the tune!

  3. Wow, two years of music! :D And only upbeat music when I'm exercising please!


  4. Very cool. I love my iPod. But when I'm on Monster (treadmill at home), I watch The Great British Bake Off, on a 12.2 inch tablet screen.

  5. I love Leonard Cohen!
    I listen to streaming music apps - either I Heart Radio or Songza. The music selection varies depending on my mood and the day. Sunday was 70s hits; today was modern pop/dance music.