Saturday, July 25, 2015

Two Millions

Yesterday I reached the 2,000,000 steps since I got my Vivofit at the end of February.
Just to put things in perspective, the distance traveled in my sneakers amount to 920 Miles (1480 KM). This is like walking from New York city to Jacksonville, FL. Only one way but still a great distance in only 4 and a half month.
Today I'm still on pursuit of my weekly best record but you might not know it (if you were naughty) Santa is coming to town. So my schedule is going to be crazy as I'm one of Santa's elf.
My role in this North pole organization is to collect presents for the kids, safeguard them with my life (the present not the kids!) and delivered everything intact to Santa (no peeking). You can say that my stress level will be out there in the red zone, but beard with me!
So my usual training routine will be as messed up as a reindeer droppings. However, to be in the mood, I loaded Christmas music in my MP-tree.
Feliz Navidad you all


  1. Congratulations! Good stuff. Now off you head toward the next million...

    1. Thanks Martha, and your are right, I'm heading toward the third million... all I need is 990,535 more steps! (but who is counting)

  2. I'll be home for Christmas! Almost! :D


  3. Reindeer Droppings. Now that's the kind of post title I'd use.

    Much congrats.

    1. You can use it Ivy, I didn't copyright it :-) but actually in the spring I have to shoveled some... droppings!

    2. Thank you. I just might use that one.

      I just put my first video on my blog. It's not brilliant or completed but I've got my rusty wheels in motion.

      Bring on the madness.

  4. Hi Richard. Is there any advice you can offer with regard to shopping for an activity tracker? He likes the monitor the sleep part some offer, as well as the step tracker.