Thursday, July 16, 2015


Just as a warning, I am in a bad mood. Doesn't mater the reason, let just say shit happen!
So for a while my humor might be off. Don't worry cream always rise above the shit, right?
Mental is part of health so I thought it was appropriate to share this with you all. Hopefully it's not a new chronic condition affecting people over 55, something like mad retiree disease... I know there is cures; Wine? but I won't touch that. Pills? but I don't take any. Time? that is what I'll have.
So this is my post for today, I cut off all the flowers, there is no rainbow!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Richard. Here's hoping the mood clears before lunch.

  2. Bad mood! Grrr! Go away! Don't come again another day!

    Actually, I always think it's good to just recognize a bad mood and enjoy it for a bit, once in a while. Why? Because it makes for some nice intense exercise sessions! And the endorphins from exercising tend to clear the bad mood away anyway! Win-win!


  3. Hey, we're all allowed a grumpy day. Your battery might just need a little recharging. Hope you feel much happier soon!

  4. I hope your bad mood won't last to long.

  5. Sometimes we just have to cut off the flowers and move on. Hope today gets a little better!

  6. Hey we all go up and down sometimes ... hope you feel better and happier soon.

    I'll make you a nice cup of tea and 'virtually' send it your way - it may help?

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  7. In the Disney movie "Inside Out" which personifies our emotions, "Joy" sees no value in "Sadness" for a long time, but does in the end. Feel those emotions! Let them out! Then plant some more flowers.