Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Welcome to Java

I have been brewing this post for a few days. So this morning after roasting from bed, I decided today was the day that I will spill the beans.
I have been drinking coffee for the past 37 years. On few occasions, my doctor warned me to stay away from my must-have-to-waking-up cup of freshly brew. However I felt guilty to swallow my steaming Java.
But still, I indulged! I remember doc asked me how much I drank and I honestly told him 1 or 2 cups a day. It never crossed my brain that a cup was a cup. When you go to your favorite coffee place, do you ask for a cup of coffee meaning you want ONE cup! No you asked for a large coffee or in my case extra large coffee, it comes in a cup that is big enough to hold the hot stuff, right?
These days, I drink 1 mug, it contain 3 and a half cup. My compromise is that I don't drink any more than that and NEVER past noon or I turned into an owl at night and can't sleep. Once in a while, when I drink soft drink, I'll have a diet caffeine free Coke. I'm that dedicated to stay away from caffeine.
During all these year I never questioned myself about why is it bad? Or is it really bad!
Last weekend, I was reading a magazine (CSANews – Summer 2015) and there was an article title “Longevity and coffee” my first thought was “oh shit how many years did I cut off my life!” So I started to read the article. I was shocked it stated: “there could be huge health benefits to drinking coffee... so much so, that it can even extend your life!” Say WHAT???? 37 years of GUILTY drinking my cup of Joe and it might be good for me. I had to read more.
From serious studies, it seems to prove that coffee can:
Reduce vascular disease;
Lower the risks of cancer;
Prevent Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia;
Mitigate diabetes and obesity
Now that is what I call Coffee perks so I continue my research on the net and finally found this graph (at
This was enough to get the aftertaste of Guilt out of my favorite cup of morning elixir. Cheers you all!


  1. Yayyy! Coffee! You can keep drinking coffee, I will get my caffeine from chocolate, everybody wins!


  2. I wonder what it is in coffee? I never developed a taste for coffee, but I drink lots of tea. It would be nice if the caffeine was the factor. We can get that lots of places.

  3. I've been drinking coffee for about that long, and love it. I do find that I limit my caffeine more at this age, though - my one large mug of coffee in the morning and only an occasional tea or caffeinated diet soda in the afternoon.

  4. I've read good and bad points and I feel it's up to each person and how they react to it. Once I started to pay attention to my sickness (long boring sickness details, I'll leave out), I had to drop coffee, even decaf. Even decaf tea. All of it, gone, gone, gone. Not even a drop on holidays.

    So if you can enjoy a cuppa Joe, that is wonderful news. Very, very cool.

  5. I don't follow those studies because every few years they change/retract/update/regret/blah/blah/blah what was put out there. I believe that things like that are good in moderation, or to a level that works for you. My limit is about three cups a day. Any more than that and I get heart palpitations.

    1. That's spot on, what works for the person. If I even have one cup, I'm in trouble. So I had to drop it all. But I don't mind. As you know my feelings on this, take it, take it all, I just want healed.

  6. I'm trying to imagine a mug that holds three and half cups! Are you sure you are not using a saucepan?

    I've never heard any bad things about coffee at reasonable (ie up to about four or five cups) a day, indeed it boots sporting performance and mental alertness. Which it is why it is banned in competition. Of course everyone reacts differently and some get shaky etc at lower doses. I just think it tastes and smells disgusting. Yuck. I'll stick to tea and chocolate.

  7. I'm more of a tea pot than a coffee pot ... but many I know start their day with coffee and cream.

    Best way to start the day is with some eggs too !!

    All the best Jan