Monday, July 27, 2015

Question from Ivy

Is there any advice you can offer with regard to shopping for an activity tracker? He likes the monitor the sleep part some offer, as well as the step tracker.”
Thanks for your question Ivy, since I'm not sponsor by anyone and I only own one of those gizmo, I highly recommended the one I have. The best thing I can say is if the one I have would brake, I would get exactly the same kind.
I purchase my Vivofit from Garmin at Costco. It is less expensive than most worthy activity tracker (so you can pay in full haha), the number on the display are easy to read (when I walk I don't want to wear my glasses), and it is light and comfortable.
I'm a low tech kind of person so it is easy to use, it doesn't have a heart monitor (it could for more $$$$) but personally I think it's a gadget...
Once you have set up your account on the net, you get a wealth of information available about your activity and your sleep. I think the best way, I'll show you all the one that I use (but there is a lot more). Now the data you will see is my very own, don't try to duplicate it without a good pair of running shoes :-)

The followings are all from my Garmin application. 
I used to run and keeping record was important so I enjoy having this feature available. Just want to point out, I explained more the next slide: "Longest Goal Streak"

This is my activity for yesterday.

The total calories count is not from the steps itself, it's my daily calories' count, it takes into account my weight, my age and the level of steps. It's not that accurate because I might be working hard but not stepping and it thinks I'm not being active. So I considered the counter as a minimum amount of calories I burned for the day.

Total Distance could be set for KM, I prefer to keep it in miles.

Avg Daily Steps is since I got my Vivofit.

At the bottom of the above display there is "your Daily Goal". You can have Vivofit to set it up for you. It will take into consideration YOUR number of daily steps or like mine you can decide the heck with that I'm going to walk that much and that's MY goal. The "Longest Goal Streak" mentioned earlier is the number of days in a row that you exceed your goal.
 It even keeps track of when in the day I was busy and when I was lazy or as it say "Inactive"

A display of steps per month. Look at the total... you can't lie to Vivofit, it's real folks.
 You badges for accomplishment. When I have visitors, I spend hours showing off my accomplishments. Strangely there is less visitors lately!
 This is my sleep's pattern. The dark blue is Deep sleep, light blue light sleep and red is awake... so I slept all night (no trip to the toilet) 
 My weight since I started Vivofit. I had already lost about 15 lbs but it is lost forever (hopefully)

You can join the challenge, as you see on this one, I am in the lead, I am that good! hahaha


  1. So...visitors get to spend long hours admiring your badges? Yay! :D


    1. Yes and there are 5 pages, so guess what we are going to do Wednesday?

  2. Was this to answer the question or to show off your badges? LOL... Good stuff! You are a champion. And who is this Ivy you speak of? I only know of 'Wonder Woman' :)

    1. Showing off MOI! LOL

      When Wonder Woman is not fighting crime, she is known as Ivy. I don't think we should talk about her secret identity... shush

    2. I'm fighting crime, one bake at a time, as I swap out refined sugars and flours, for whole heart-healthy immune bustin' bakes.

      This is usually where I grunt or say GRRRRRRR, to show how serious I am. But then I laugh and that usually blows it.

  3. Oh my gosh. You're the BEST. Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us. You are very kind and super duper helpful.

    Really, really great. Thank you again.

  4. Just came back to take notes on my tablet. Again, thanks for this. I'm comparing prices online now. Sleep tracking and steps were the two things that Frankenberry wanted. I like that the screen is easy to read, too. Think Tim will like that as well.

    1. You are welcome and anything else you want to know, don't hesitate, I'll do my best because I know a satisfied superhero is a returning superhero :-)

      But did you notice all the badges???? hahaha

      I thought about sending you an email but then decide that it was worthy of a post.

    2. This is a great post, thank you. I found three places in my area that sell it. Two for 100 smackers and another for 119. I thought about online but Tim likes what he calls the, over the counter policy. It's when he can grab the sales man, over the counter.

      But seriously, I think Tim will love it. We have the anniversary of our first date (16 years ago), coming up this weekend. And he's been wanting one and the Vivo looks like the winner.

      Do you find it comfortable? According to my research yours is more comfortable than the Fitbit for a man's wrist.

      My other concern was battery life, but it looks like it's also better because unlike the Fitbit, your model doesn't need recharging every few days.

      How do you like the battery?

      Yes, those badges are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. So I assume you don't have a Costco in your area? They have a great over counter policy, you don't even need to threaten them they will just take back the merchandise. And at Costco it is 89.99 US.

      16 years since your first date, geez you guys are soooo young hahaha

      I don't wear jewelry. Before having my Vivofit, I was not wearing a watch because I hate to have something around my wrist. The Vivo is so comfortable that I forget I have it. It came with 4 wrist band, 2 for women and 2 for men. One each of black and purple in each size.

      How I like the battery? I don't know, I have never seen it LOL. The battery should be good for a year, I have my vivo for 5 months now so I'm still going to be fully energize for 7 more months.However, so to not lose any data, I might replace it in 6 months.

    4. Back when I lived on the east coast, I hit Costco and BJ's but here, I don't know where they are. So ten bucks more, but that's okay. It's something that he wants and more important, is that it works, comfortable and a quality product.

      PS: Tim doesn't threaten. I assure you.

  5. Thanks for doing this review Richard. Ivy is ready to go get me one. I just have one question, where is the badge for sleeping in?

    1. LOL Tim there is NO badge for sleeping in as a mater of fact you are going to get up earlier to go and add steps to your vivo. Forget life as you enjoy it before, no time for TV, the Manor, or pancakes in the morning *wink* *wink*, after you get one of those, you will have time only for one thing, stepping! You'll see... hahaha

  6. I have a Fitbit Charge HR which does all the same things and has a heart rate monitor and I am very happy with it - but I have to charge it about every five days. I didn't realise the Vivo had year-long battery life! How can it do that when the fitbit only lasts five days!?

    1. It's because Vivofit is soooo much better! hahaha

      The reason is because rechargeable batteries doesn't hold the charge longer. But at one point even your Fitbit batteries will need to be replace. Oh sorry I should have answer in French :-)

    2. I read that you can hook the VivoFit up to a heart strap and it will work as well, or buy the VivoFit model with heart rate builtin, but this is not a feature my hubby wanted.

      However, I have a friend who is all teched-out and connected to her phone and for her, the FitBit Charge HR, works the best. She loves hers.

      But since Hubby has a flip phone, and just wants a straight-shooter with a more comfortable band, and no recharge time, we went with VivoFit.

      Thanks again, Richard.