Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Peace-ing contest

Before getting to my title here a few public news: 
Last week I mentioned that my goal was to step 150,000 times and to enroll in a step challenge on vivofit.

No one asked how I did?
150,890 steps in one week. And I finished first. I had written a comment to the participants at the beginning of the competition stating my goal in the hope that everyone would just drop off and I would be the one to take first, second and third place. But that didn't happen, I only ended up taking first place, but by a huge margin.


This morning I read an article from myfitnesspal, it's about: "The Problem with Cheat Days". It's excellent, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read it.
Except for a few things, the article is right where my head is at. It is all mental. I eat everything I want, but what I want is to eat healthy. No kidding, I stopped eating sugar because I didn't want it. It had nothing to do with cutting it off, as a matter of fact, I thought that once in a while I would indulge myself but except for my little test, I didn't touch the white refined crap. 
At some point, I'll have some again but then it will all be about portion size.
I also read my favorite blogs this morning. If you want to add humor to your coffee, go to Sarah ( thinfluence ) she is a superstar in my book.

She might do a sex tape at some point and I even learned something about “lady parts” from her!
hahaha I'm sure that I already lost a lot of reader who are already gone to read what it's about. 
End of public news

So for the past weeks, my back is generously giving me pain. I mentioned it, I stopped running, but I kept walking. This week I decided to stopped that too. I think it's helping but I’m still sore at the end of the day and I can't stand up for any laps of time without the pain getting worst. 
Our friends are slowly coming back to the campground and some of them are pickelball players. So yesterday we decided to go and play a few games with J. and S. 
Because of my back I didn't know if I would be able to play more than a game or two. I ended up playing about 6 games.
My back was almost perfect. I'm a 55 year old man but when I'm playing, I'm more like a seven year old boy. It is impossible for me to stop, I just want to play. So after the first 2 games, I didn't want to stop. It didn't help that S. and I were winning! So we played more games. After 6 games, my wife decided I had enough. I almost threw a tantrum but she would not have any of that. In defeat and because no one wanted to play with me, I had to put away my racket :(

Within 5 minutes after stopping, my back was giving me signs that my wife (this ONE time) was right.

It's really hard for me to admit that I have to take it easy. I'll offer that very same advice to anyone else, but for me, it's not necessary.

Thanks to my wife for making me stop yesterday, today, if we find anyone who wants to play, we will be back on the court.

I'm at peace with that, I modified my training, I keep some time to play and I have the voice of reason (this ONE time, my wife) telling me when to stop; can it be more peaceful than that?


  1. You crack me up! Thanks for the shout out! And holy steps.... I am SO impressed!!!! Way to go!!!!

    P.S. I had a Snickers yesterday. First candy since..... January? Maybe? I was craving it. I ate it. I worked it into my food schedule. Over, done, and now the craving is gone. I think it's nonsense to tell yourself "Nope, absolutely can't have this!" Every time I do that I fall off the wagon and binge and wake up 100 pounds heavier. No bueno.


    1. WHAT you had a sneakers... now I'll have to drop you from my favorite blogs ha ha ha

      You deserved shout out Sarah, you are a great example of someone doing this thing and keeping an upbeat attitude in the process. YOU ARE AWESOME!!

  2. Good for you on all those steps. Keep up the fun work. And really, I don't think this should be a hard journey. Don't eat shit. It's that simple. Yet people make if FAR more complicated than it ever needed to be.

    That's my thoughts, I understand not everyone agrees with my idea and I'm 100% okay with that.

    To each their own journey.

    Either way, enjoy and keep up the great work. You rock.

    1. Thanks Ivy, I agree completely with you; "people make it FAR more complicated than it ever needed to be". It doesn't need to be over analyses, eat less, eat better and exercise. That's it, the secret is out. Or as you say, "Don't eat the shit!"

      You see some people want to dominate the world, others asked question and only the first to answer win and then they changed the rules while some others just want to have fun. ha ha ha

    2. hahahahahahahahahaahaha, I on that last paragraph. Seriously, I am laughing out loud. Great stuff. You rock.

  3. Wow, congrats on your victory!


    1. I think this weekend, you and your sister will get sore muscles. But don't forget, we love you... before and after the games. During the game there is no family love, you will have to face defeat.

  4. Great to hear you finished first.

    .... but please look after YOU first, foremost, last and everywhere in-between ... also look after your back of course !

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan for your great advice. I have to remind my brain that I'm 55, I'm not 25 anymore. But, it's not easy, mentally, I don't feel like my age and I don't want to.

  5. I come here for my daily inspiration...and my daily chuckle. I like Ivy's comment (I prefer to call her Wonder Woman). It's so simple. Just don't eat 'shit'. Doesn't get easier than that. And yet when I go shopping at the market, all the carts are full of 'shit'. What the heck... LOL...

    1. Thanks Martha, I'm glad that you come over to my dark side LOL

      Now don't encourage Wonder Women, I think at times, she is nuttier than us!

      Don't feel bad about your shopping cart filling up with THE shit, the shelves are overflow with it, and I'm sure, it just fall down and end up in our carts.

  6. I really liked that Cheat Day article, it totally sounded like me (although I don't call it a cheat day for the reasons mentioned there). The problem with their idea of using intuitive eating instead is that it assumes that you are in tune with what your body really needs. When I'm sad, like today, my body tells me it really needs lots of fat and salt, and maybe a big pile of sugary carbs to finish. Should I listen to that? How do I know when to listen to my body and when not to?

    1. Yesterday I came across an article about that too:

      Look this is part of it: "For example, 'Feel sad—must eat cookies.' The “rational mind” is at work when we take the time to think things through before acting: For example, “I know I want to eat cookies right now, but it won’t solve my mood and I’ll feel bad about myself afterwards.”

      If you go to the link, have a look at the previous article too Natalie.