Sunday, May 10, 2015

Turning Right

In the past week, my physical activity has been as intensive as a sleeping beauty princess. I ate 99% healthy (there has been 1 muffin which was made from white floor and chocolate chips). I also traded my large shirts for medium ones.
When I stepped on the scale, 176.6 lbs! That's a drop of 1.4 lb in a week. It's the lowest drop in 14 weeks, and I'm really happy with that.
The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that my goal of 150 lbs is just not desirable. So I'm dropping it! I can't write anymore, I'm stuffing my face with junks I'm starting to let my weight go where it wants to go. At some point it will balance out. I'm not going to change my new eating lifestyle, so my weight will probably still be dropping but the emphasis will not be on that anymore.
Health is my main goal. So far my only goal was to lose weight, now that I'm done with that, I need new ways to torture myself to define new goals:

Educate myself
Every week, I'll try a new recipe. It might be one of ours which I will modify by incorporating healthier ingredients. Like yesterday's muffins using Truvia instead of sugar.
I am also going to keep reading and learning about nutrition.

Keep afloat
I'll drink 1.5 L of water daily (darn now it's in my goal list, there is no drying back)

Exorcise (it's not a typo; I need to get the demon out of my muscles!)
First goal: Run 5 K (3 M) 4 times a week. I'll get there slowly and even once there I'll be slow. It's not a race!
Second goal: Walk an hour a day, every day.
Third goal: Stretching (read Yoga) and weight training, the main focus will be to make my back stronger (advises and links welcome!)
I think my training schedule will be around 2 hours a day. This is half of what I was doing but it will be more of an all-around type training.
Wow this was supposed to be a short post...

Health Tip
Because white bread lacks of fiber, the glycemic index of one slice (70) is higher than 1/4 cup (50 G) of white sugar (60). 
(From Wikipedia: The glycemic index or glycaemic index (GI) is a number associated with a particular type of food that indicates the food's effect on a person's blood glucose (also called blood sugar) level. The number typically ranges between 50 and 100, where 100 represents the standards, an equivalent amount of pure glucose.) 

Happy mothers day! 


  1. You're on a roll! All great goals. And I've no doubt you'll achieve all of them. Or else you'll have to deal with and Wonder Woman (a.k.a Ivy). We're keeping an eye on you :)

    And Happy Mother's Day to your lovely wife. I hope you spoil her today!

    1. Nothing like stalkers to keep me on target :)

  2. Yessss, the yoga will be great! I often watch TV at the same time, so it doesn't even register as "exercise time".


    1. I like to torture myself without distraction... but you go girl. stay tune!

  3. Healthy body and mind, that the best. The rest will sort itself out.