Friday, May 8, 2015

When is Enough, Enough?

Have you looked at yourself, really looked and thought: “Hum I like what I see!” in a non self-praising way? :)
In the past week, I have been doing exactly that. I'm also evaluating if my goal of losing another 26 pounds is desirable. If I do decide to reach my goal I will be at the same weight I was in my early twenties.
But would it be too thin for a 55 years old man? I don't know, I gave myself this goal mostly because it will bring my BMI to 23.5 (in the 'health' range). But can I trust an Index about ME? Aren't we all different with different metabolism and body? Shouldn't I keep some fat in case I need it later (because of a medical emergency maybe)?
My answers might be in my life style; I have been eating what I want and need, and I'm losing weight. I slightly increased the amount I eat and I'm still losing weight. I even slowed down my training to give my back some relief and I’m still losing;
My weight might stop dropping once it reaches the perfect weight for my lifestyle. I have been thinking about maintaining my weight but do I really need to? Everything should just balance itself out at some point.
I'm not complaining, just sharing! Apparently, I don't even know how to stop this weight dropping anymore.
Before making a decision, I'll first wait for my blood test results.
Maybe my subconscious mind is trying to trip me. But this mind is not the brightest because it still doesn't understand I don't want to eat crap anymore!
On a less self-doubt subject, both our daughters are in the same time zone as us right now. The last time it happened was during the Christmas holiday.
There are some big changes in our oldest kid’s life; She is moving to Halifax (Nova Scotia) and starting a new job. She bought her first house, which comes with all the appliances, a big backyard, fence, deck and a live in boyfriend.
Who knows, maybe now with a boyfriend in the family picture, my wife and I most desperate void will be fulfilled before our passing: grand-kids!
We won't put pressure on our daughter, she can decide how many and when but, who knows how long her parents have on this earth and how sad they are every day because their friends have so many grand-kids to brag about and share pictures of.
By the way, in my posts, she is the anonymous commentator who signs WWE (Wicked Witch of the East). LOL
I am just joking, both our daughters made their own life choices and are doing just great, I am so proud of them!


  1. Good Luck with your blood test results Richard, hope everything will be normal and fine :-)
    I am indeed amazed at the rate at which u are losing, even when u r trying to gain...
    And many congratulations to your daughter WWE for her new job and home! :-)


    1. Thanks TTK, yes the rate of losing is so fast, I guess when you are good almost all the time, it can just go one way!

  2. "We won't put pressure on our daughter, she can decide how many and when but, who knows how long her parents have on this earth and how sad they are every day because their friends have so many grand-kids to brag about and share pictures of."

    LOL It's all up to you, sis!

    - Hairy Toes

  3. Yup, lots of changes in my life. But some things stay the same: my family is still awesome. I'm pretty grateful I'm getting to spend some vacation time with them before the move. :)


    1. We thought you were coming for the food!

  4. Older Choco *smile*May 8, 2015 at 11:22 AM

    My personal reflexion :

    I think (this is really my own thinking), loosing weight at an older age may make us look a bit older, because everything falls down. I agree that you should keep a bit of fat.

    When I saw your last picture, I said to myself Richard should not loose more weight he looks just fine right now.

    Just maintain the weight is a job in itself. Richard, as I said earlier, this is only what I think. What matters is what you think and what you want for yourself.

    It is important not to only "look healthier" but to "feel healthier".

    I am glad for your daughter for finding a boyfriend, When you feel loved by someone other than family members and friends it is such a blessing and you feel so special inside.

    I don't know why, but I feel older today, hope I will feel younger tomorrow. Probably just an illusion.

    Have a great week-end Richard.


    1. So far everyone are saying that I look younger, but are they being honest? :)

      I'm sore but I do feel healthier. I'm not going to drastically change how much and what I eat but, I will slowly change to maintain my weight earlier than I thought (spoiler).

      Yes feeling old is an illusion, don't let that go to your head, keep time to play and do fun things, there is no reason to let yearssss just but the one thing to determine our age.

  5. I wish I new how to do a blog I would create one of my own. I love writing and I always have something to say.

    1. You should do it, just start by creating a Google account. Open google and it should be at the top.

  6. I didn't know they are now selling homes with built-in boyfriends. My goodness but times are changing :) And using the guilt mechanism on our kids is such a great tool, don't you think? Especially when we want so much to have grandkids!

    I think you'll know when it's the right time to stop losing weight. Being too thin in our older years doesn't work as well as it did in our younger years. At least in my opinion.

    1. Hahaha, to Martha about the selling homes with built-in boyfriends.

    2. Did I mentioned there is a built-in dishwasher too...

      The boyfriend is Acadien, even I is charm by the accent. My grand-kidsss could have this accent too, that would be so adorable. As soon we have some, I'll post a clip of them. DID YOU READ THIS WWE?

  7. Hey Richard, I think it's where you're supposed to be. It's not supposed to be hard or something that requires a lot of thinking. Don't eat foods that cause inflammation and sickness, get better and live. Really, really live.

    Thanks for the comments about my shirt. It was on an older blogpost awhile back, I think maybe before you started to notice that I repeat myself, often.

    1. Ivy so far it has been so easy, almost too easy. And you are so right, it's not rocket science, the choices we made are the one thing we can control.

      I didn't comment on your shirt, I commented on your stick drawing skirt. I think you are doing a fantastic job and I'm so jealous of those stick figure drawings.

      There are about 2000 words we usually use so repeating is just normal if you write often enough :)

  8. Because of the issues with the BMI system (calls athletes fat, for instance) I read recently that a better indicator of good health is that your waist measurement should be less than half your height.

    I agree you are looking great now, but if you just keep eating healthily and exercising a normal amount I think you can't go wrong whether you lose a bit more or not. It's true the older we get we need a bit more fat in the face to keep us looking young - in fact face creams for older women are all about "plumping up" the face!

    1. You made me wish I was 6"6' LOL

      Thanks for the compliment Natalie but my wife read this please NO flirting hahahaha

      I'm heading that way now, I'll eat right and exercise in moderation, and see what happen. I'll expected my weight to keep going down for a while, but so far, every time I'm expecting a result, it get over shoot! Will see...

  9. Good luck with your blood tests ...

    When my husband was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes he was overweight. We both went LCHF and it is a lifestyle we both now live and have done so for seven years. We enjoy eating whole real foods. In the early days he lost a lot of weight ... a little too much, he didn't feel happy with how he looked, he had become too thin. We adjusted the good healthy fats, moderate protein, low carbs and seven years on the balance works well for us both.

    I've only 'known you' and your blog a short while but you seem to have done so well.

    Eat Healthy, Feel healthy, and Enjoy Life.

    Your daughters sound great. We have six lovely kids and five adorable grand-children. Like our kids they are also the light of our life ... I'm sure when the time is right, you like an awful lot of us grandparents, will talk non stop about them - in the meantime I just love the sound and fun that your daughters give you.

    Have a great weekend and Take Care

    All the best Jan

    1. "Eat Healthy, Feel healthy, and Enjoy Life" Yes, Yes and most definitely YES!

      When I started in early February my enemy # 1 was fat, I want to decrease as much as possible this foe. You were the first one to change my mind on the matter. I was talking about my healthy breakfast of fruit and yogurt and you were eating eggs and bacon. I first thought you were out of your mind, but with checking your site and reading a lot, I believe sugar was the culprit. I started to eat more "healthy" fat, stopped sugar and look at the result, just outstanding! So I have a huge debt to your guidance and I'm trying to pay forward.

      Thank you Jan

    2. Richard ... thank you so much for your kind comments.

      Have a great week.

      All the best Jan