Saturday, May 30, 2015

I have sinned

Forgive me father, I have sinned!
Darkness put her painted claws in me again
Her vision drowns like service wine
Whispered kisses so divine
I was blessed but now I've come undone...
I was not an angel but I was good
Refined sugar found its way into my coffees.
Two tea spoons a day, I was weak
I was sweet less but now I've come undone...

If this was my only sin, I would keep my chin up
Wine and beers I have consumed
I drank so much of it that I drowned
I was alcohol free now I've come undone...

The last but not the least of sin
I listened to the fries calling
I ate them knowing they were forbidden
I was spud-less now I've come undone...

At least I didn't murder anyone
This shall be my redemption?
But I know I'm only diverting
As I confess while drinking one more sinful coffee!


  1. Bon retour parmis nous, pauvres pecheurs!
    Allez et trichez en paix car beaucoup vous seras pardonne!
    Surtout que les taxes sur le vin font vivre l'economie du pays....

  2. Ah, we are all born sinners.

  3. Vous êtes repartis avec vos yogourts et bonnes choses à manger. Les bonnes habitudes vont revenir tout de suite, il ne faut pas s'arrêter!


  4. This was a fun way to confess your sins. Here's my question: Did you have fun?

  5. No, No ...not sugar !

    I did like the way you versed your 'sins'

    All the best Jan