Monday, May 11, 2015

Responsibly Mine

Yesterday I mentioned I was dropping my weight goal. I’d like to add it's not a license to eat everything that’s unhealthy. It's not a license to take seconds or thirds. It's not a license to have crazy amounts of refined sugar nor drink alcohol.
I am going to trust myself with making the right decisions. I will still step on the scale every Sunday and be accountable.
The first test was yesterday, it was Mother’s Day. For supper we had steak, potatoes salad and a cake bought at the bakery.
My health is MY responsibility, I can't take anyone else’s responsibility. So when I filled up the plates, I told everyone that I would give every one a reasonable portion but if they wanted more, they would have to get it themselves.
I won't point a finger at any of the other 3 persons *cough* *cough*, but they all went back for seconds on the salad! I had no intention of doing so from the beginning, eat less was in my mind.
When I got to the cake, first of all it was a small cake, half the size we used to buy. I told everyone that I could serve them a piece the same size as mine or they could get their own. I had a piece that was about half an inch thick. Going from a 2 inches size down to half an inch... not bad at all. This was the first refined sugar since Easter.
I took my time to eat it, I enjoyed it and I didn't need any more. Now the sugar valve has been re-closed, I won't have sweets for weeks. There is still a piece of it in the fridge, my name is not written on it!
My back is getting better, yesterday I resumed walking. I walked 4 KM, I wanted to do more but I decided to take it slow.
I'm taking full responsibility for my health. I eat less, exercise when I can. Tomorrow I'll see my doctor, I know he will not be happy that I stopped my cholesterol pill, he will give me hell but I don't care, he is not responsible for me, I am, so all he can do is give advice, right?
He is a bit outdated. Every times I told him I was eating healthy, he would say it doesn't matter, I had to eat less, I could eat 10 pounds of carrots a day, I would still gain weight.
He was not telling me what to do, he wasn’t telling me anything that could help (but I stopped eating 10 lbs of carrots). So I didn’t take his advice. I can't switch doctor, but in the end, I'm the one responsible.
Hey my daughter was just telling me that she now has to prove she is not a robot to post a comment on my blog. I didn't set that up, but I'm glad it's doing it, I have been suspecting some of you folks to be robots LOL
Happy Monday,

Health Tips
Eat more fibers - verify the ingredient listings and select those that specify “whole” before the name grain.
Beware of multigrain imposters; The “multigrain” in a product might be from refined grains.


  1. Bonus health tip: when buying bread, look at the ingredients. Brown bread is not necessarily healthy.

    You want whole wheat, whole bran. And look to see if they snuck in some extra flours in there in the first 3-4 ingredients to save costs...


    1. Thanks for the link, it sure is difficult to say what is the best.

  2. Great post. We are only responsible for ourselves. Well, unless our kids are really young; then we have to take responsibility and make healthy choices for them until they are old enough to take it on. I'm so surprised with your doctor. That is really awful.

    1. When the kids were young, we were educating them now the choice are theirs and if we raise responsible kids, they should make the best choices for themselves.

  3. Why can't you change your doctor?

    I've been to a few shockers over the years. One (male) who was surprised and disapproving that I was still breastfeeding when my child was over a year old. Another guy who, without finding out why I had come to see him, asked if I smoked or took drugs. No and no. Then gave me a long lecture about cigarettes and drugs! Wtf? I eventually faked feeling even sicker than I felt and he got me to lie down on the examination table. Then continued his lecture. I was too shy and non-confrontational to protest, but when I eventually got out I would have been very upset if they had tried to charge me for a long consult instead of a short one (they didn't, and the receptionist looked rather sad and long-suffering, she probably copped a lot of abuse from patients). Of course I never went back there.

    Your future plan sounds great for maintenance.

    And I'm not a robot. No, really I'm not. I can't even compute Pi to more than a couple of decimal places, look; 3.14159265358979323846 ... whoops

    1. In Canada the health system is free and each provinces deal with their own. In my province (Quebec), we don't have enough doctors. So if I lose mine, I go on a waiting list to get a new doctor. It might take 3 years before even getting another. So even if I don't like the way mine act, at least he can directed me to specialist if there is a need. He is the one that found my wife lump, so there that too...

      It's very suspicious... a non-robot (or also known as human) would have stop Pi at 19 digits after the comma... very suspicious indeed! I have recorded this information in my memory bank, I'll process that later on whenever I have time to do some maintenance, I won't reboot you out for now!

  4. No I'm not a robot-- There's your proof! And I salute you for no Sugar :)

    1. Congratulation you passed the robot test :)

  5. Hey how come we have to prove we're not robots but you don't have to prove you're not a robot writing this blog??

    1. I'm still not too sure about you... I thought you need oil in your bionic knee! LOL
      Sometime I'm a machine, not even well tune, but not a robot, I think.

  6. Mama's and the Papa's Monday Monday ... I've always liked that track

    All the best Jan

  7. For the robot thing, I just ignore it whenever I see it. I don't click or write anything and it lets me through. But weird thing, it doesn't show for me on your blog.

    I laughed at the part when you wrote the cake doesn't have your name on it.