Friday, May 1, 2015

Don't Count on Me

What about that, after 30 days in April, a new page is turned and now we will be enjoying May. I love May, it's the time of the year when life explodes; dandelion dandeliones; lilac bursts out of their buds in a colorful and odorous explosion that stimulates senses; birds and bees, well you know; the income tax are filled; the outside has the “new car' smell (metaphorically speaking).
Today is the third month anniversary of my health journey. In my book, it's a very short time, but the drastic changes make it seems almost impossible that there was an “old” me.
I truly don't like eating fast food anymore, sugar is a dirty word and alcohol is no more my best friend.
I eat healthy but it's not as elaborate as some of you do. My meals are centered around meat and vegetables in an amount that is reasonable. I don't get second or third, I don't even need it.
This might surprise some of you but I don't track what I eat. I want to reach my goal with having learned how to eat not how to count.
Still, I estimate my daily intake of calories at around 1200 calories, but it could be a little more or a little less. It doesn't matter as long as I keep monitoring my gain or loss and the results are expected. As you might have read this week, I'm fully in tune with myself.
I weigh myself 'officially' every 2 weeks” but the truth is that I weigh myself every day. I know it's recommended not to do it so often in order to measure the change over a longer period and not focus on the short burst in weight loss or gain. The thing is, I don't just follow the flow because it's going in one direction. You have to find what is working for you.
When I reach my weight goal, I will keep stepping on the scale daily until I figure out the right balance between how much I can eat and my activity level. But I don’t want to get  too much ahead of myself, it is just my thought about how to maintain my “normal” weight while I decrease my training schedule.
There are 2 medical events going on.
1.      I stopped taking my cholesterol pills. I'm about 40 lbs less than last fall when my doctor prescribed them. I will see him as soon as possible and get a blood test done to see what my cholesterol level is like without the effect of the pills.
2.      My back is killing me. I can't stay put standing up for a few minutes without moving to ease the pain. In the late afternoon, the pain is bad enough for me to want to kick the cat. We don't have a cat so NO animals are being hurt! I can't sit on the sofa. The only relieve I get is when I lay on the bed. Walking helps but doesn't completely remove the pain and as soon as I stop I'm back in pain-land. When I see my doctor I'll also ask to see a physiotherapist. The bad thing is I have a lot of work to do and I'm not sure when I’ll be able to get to that and it has to be done before the third week of June or it will have to be done in September (no construction allowed on the campground in the summer). Grrrrr
Next weekend will be the end of my NO PS challenge. Does anyone have links to healthy dessert recipes? I will be looking at doing something special. No refined sugar! (I think that honey or maple syrup are ok but I don't know, is it?) Any suggestions? Jan mentioned a Forest Cake at some point, not sure if it contains sugar. In any case picture and a description of the experiment will follow.
Have a great May folks, it's a 31 days month so we have a longer month to keep busy at getting healthier.
Here are a few pictures of before and after, as in yesterday:

Jan 2015
Apr 30, 2015


  1. Oh my God! The change is so profound!
    About the sugar free dessert - even I want to know if using honey or maple syrup is ok?
    Pls share the recipe, if you find one (or many) :-)

    1. TK the biggest change doesn't show... it's mental! :)

      Sharing is the name of the game!

      Thanks for the compliment

  2. Whaaat! Am I even going to recognize you next time I visit????

    Using honey or maple syrup is fine, it's natural sugar so it's not nearly as bad for you. You should still use it in moderation, substitute it for sugar instead of adding lots more to your diet. Just like whole wheat pasta, don't eat TONS of whole wheat pasta because it's "healthy", but replace your regular pasta with it and you're doing pretty good!

    I'm so sorry about your back. :( Hopefully once it's back to normal, some yoga will help protect it better.


    1. I think my back is sore because MY kids were such a heavy load ha ha ha ha

      Everything in moderation is fine, you just have to find how much it is for you, right?

  3. Great to see the before and after pictures - Well Done.

    Sorry to hear your back is bad ... that is not good.Hope it feels a lot better really soon.

    Can you believe it's May already - have a good weekend and a good month of May

    All the best Jan

    1. I'm impressing myself with the picture :)

      I'm so glad it's May, we lived in Europe twice. 3 years each time and I found May was as nice there as over here. Maybe on that island West of France with all the rains it's different LOL

  4. Great "after" photo!

    Since you're going into summer over there, a nice dessert is blended together frozen banana and frozen raspberries. Just freeze them then blend them! No sugar or anything added, and it's just like sorbet or gelato or something.

    1. Excellent idea Natalie. I even think this could be some icing on a sugar free kind of cake.

  5. Wow Richard what a change, it's incredible It shows alot. Congrats.

    I was suprised to read that the amount of calories a day was around 1,200.

    This is such a small amount for a man. I am afraid that with such a small amount of calories a day that you will loose not only fat but muscle.

    I was eating healthy a while ago and I was eating at least 1,700 calories a day and I am a woman.

    But this said I am sure you know what you are doing.

    I am sorry for your back and I hope it will get better soon.

    On my side my test results are not in yet but since they were done more than 2 weeks ago, and still no news that it must be good news.

    I have a few more tests to pass in the next months...

    Get well Richard

    Have a great week-end.

    1. Thank you Choco, I was wondering about you, you haven't post a comment for a while and I remembered you were waiting for result on some tests. 2 weeks ago that must be another test?

      Oups I forgot about snacks on my calorie count, so I might be closer to 1400 calories. For my size, my age and my activity it's about a pound lost every 2 and a half day.

      I don't feel hungry, I don't have craving, other than my back, I think every thing is under control :)

      It's going to be sunny in the 20 C. today, time to get those dogs some exercise, right Choco?

    2. I know it's been a while Richard, but dont worry I still read your blog every day, it's a therapy for me. Love reading you.

      So to explain a bit :

      The two weeks ago test was the "scyntigraphie myocardique" that was done in two days...April 14-15 and since then no news so must me that everything is ok or at least I am not in danger.

      I have an appointment with my doctor on May 20. In the next months I will have more testing done. Some test are only in 3-4 months, no choice that's the reality of our health system. I will have my annual mamogram done soon also. I am watiing for a call from the hospital to schedule a date. Every year, I get it done at the Buckingham hospital. Always around May or June.

      I have a few problèms that are a mystery for my doctor and that's why I will be having different types of testing.

      I think my biggest problem is the food I eat, and the lack of exercise. Certainly not the drinking I barely drink. I can't remember the last time I bought a bottle of wine.

      Only in summer time I drink a bit of sangria.

      I hope that you will get rid of this back problem so you can do the work you need to do around your house in Val des bois.

      Have a great day Richard,


  6. Sorry to hear about your struggles with your back. Obviously I know what it feels like to suffer in pain. Regardless, you have made an amazing transformation, keep it up my friend.

    1. Thanks FD. But unlike you, my pain doesn't interfere with my sleep, so it's much easier to deal with. But you know, if you have more pain meds you could always send some to me LOL

  7. Everyone's path is different. We can learn from each other, but it is wrong to force our standards on each other.

    I weigh daily too. I need the accountability. I can't count anything for long because it drives me nuts. I agree that we need to develop habits that will last in order to keep the weight off. I feel so much more normal when I'm not having to count something.

    I'm glad you have found the path that is working for you.
    PS I hope you find the source of the back pain soon and get it fixed.

    1. Thanks Lori for your comment...

      I am really curious, do you think or perceive that I'm trying to force my standards? If it is so, I'm really sorry, it's not my intention. We all have our way and the best way is the one that work for us. I respect that.

      With that being said, my message is about eating less and exercise more, this is what work for me. I will not promote other ways, I would not know what they are.

      It's like Faith, we all have our own Faith, I don't believe mine is the One and all others are dooms to damnation... but, I couldn't comment about any religion that I have no knowledge about. Right?

  8. Happy May, my friend! The transformation is astounding. You should be proud. It took hard work and determination to get where you are. Well worth the time and effort! You're on a great journey.

    1. I am so glad you are back... I missed all those compliments, Martha :))

      You must have spend hours catching up on your blogging friends. I am wondering if "Martha" is in reality a robot!