Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Say What!

This morning I saw my doctor. If any one had doubts about how to have a good time, a doctor’s visit is NOT the solution.
I had 3 things to tell him:
My right shoulder hurts and I have some flexibility problem. It's not a big issue but it interferes with my pickelball playing. As you can see I'm keeping my priorities straight!
My back has been sore to the point that I stopped walking and running. I'm also popping Aleve about once every 3 days.
My doctor sent me to get X-Rays. I thought it would take months before I could get an appointment. He added he could see me tomorrow to talk about the results as he had a cancellation. Say what? I will be seen TODAY for the X-Rays! Say what? I pinched myself, I thought I was not understanding him right. He speaks French which is my mother tongue but I have been writing only in English so, maybe I'm losing my French!
Just to humor him, I went to the X-Rays clinic. The lady at the reception didn't crack a smile, she took my information and sent me to the waiting room, WHAT? There must be hidden camera and I'm on some show or something!
I sat and was looking around to see if there were magazines. I didn't even have time to look around the whole empty room that I was called in to get my X-Ray done. When did I walk into a parallel universe? Everyone was so professional, and did I mention there was NO waiting! I swear, I don't take drugs and I'm off alcohol. There is only one explanation: I died and I'm in heaven! I didn't know much about heaven but apparently they have a fine tuned health system!
My last issue was about my Cholesterol pill which I stopped. So I told my now-best-friend doctor about it. I got a lecture. “You should have come to see me first” without taking another breath he continues “now we won't know what it was before” still not breathing “bla bla bla bla”. “Sometime in June go for a blood test.” As soon he stopped to take a breath I told him I lost 40 pounds since Feb First “That is too fast! You should do that in a year or 2 not in 3 months (it actually is 3 months and a half but why be rude and interrupt him), it's not good for you, bla bla bla”. I'm trying to stop him and when he does, I changed my strategy and told him: “I lost that much because I LISTENED to your great advice.” Why not try to strike his ego? It didn't work!
I tried to explain to him that I was not trying to lose so much weight so fast. My goal was to lose slowly.  Should I have stopped the weight loss by stuffing my face with junk food? There was no way to reason with him, I'm guilty of dropping fat too fast, I'm an horrible human being. WHATEVER!
I'm happy with my decision to stop the pill (that is the cholesterol one), if I hadn’t, I would have had to make another appointment with him. He would have sent me to get a blood test (before stopping). Then I would have had to get another appointment with him. Blood work again (a month after stopping). Then back to him for the results. Getting lectured the whole time about this and that, just not my cup of health tea!

Health Tips
On your visit to your doctor, do not forget to put on ear plug before entering.


  1. Grain of salt, my friend. Grain. Of. Salt.


    1. You know what they say Sarah: "A rolling grain of salt gather no moss!" hahaha

  2. Well glad you got to see a Doctor so quickly ... I do think more and more of us are taking our health much more seriously and 'taking charge more'. Some Doctors do appear to listen and discuss things far better than others.

    Hope your back and shoulder improve.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, I'm glad it was quick this time, I still can't believe I'll get result tomorrow...

  3. The doctor saw how great you looked, and wanted some pictures taken as soon as possible! When you go see him tomorrow, he will probably ask for an autograph.


    1. I don't think so, I think tomorrow I'll get a lecture about playing too much sport or exercising. Then I'm going to get a lecture about sitting in front of the TV too much. Then it's going to be about... just fill up the blank LOL

  4. You sure have a doctor that is interested in your well being. If you lost that amount of weight in 3 months I think it's a bit fast indeed. Maybe it was not necessary to have a to strict diet. A bit more calories a day and less exercise would of been enough probably for you to loose slowly but not your fault Richard.

    Your motivation and your determination were very high and your intention was to achieve your goal. Along the way you reached your goal earlier than planned.

    Good luck with the doctor tomorrow and I hope you have good news concerning your shoulder and your back.


  5. Why are you stressing your doctor? He's going to have to get on medication to control high blood pressure :)

    I'm amazed at how quickly you got in. Miracles happen, you know. Or maybe they've been reading your blog and want to be on their best behaviour.

  6. Sometimes, doctors really don't listen. Glad you got in so soon. I'm reading your posts backward so I'm caught up on the results.

    Wishing you all the best and continued success.

    You rock.