Monday, August 31, 2015

Richard v2.0

For the past month and a half, I have been lost in my thoughts. I should have bring a map but I didn't. I was confident that it was small enough that I would find my way back. I didn't think I would need so much time to do so but it was worth it...
I also took a complete break from blogging. I didn't read nor posted. I need to keep myself focus without putting stress to my mental journey.
One problem with blogging I was having was one of motivation. Most of my days are copy and paste from one to the other. To me, it's exciting to walk 3-4 hours a day but to come up with good blogging materials while doing so is another thing.
I am also happy about my weight, I'm still losing weight but this is not my priority number uno anymore. So I'll completely going to drop that “losing” subject from my posts unless I come across a news worthy milestone.
So I re-define myself, I am going to concentrate on reaping the benefits from my new tuner body and posts about that. I'll be posting back daily (when possible) with a weekend break every 2 weeks.
What did you do last week? no one ask. I kicked the shit out of my personal records. Why did you do that? Still no one is asking. Tomorrow I will be posting about that. It took me a month and a half to get my answers, you can wait a day, right? Ha ha ha
Time for me to start catching up. Have a great week folks.


  1. Soooo many steps! Congrats! :)


    1. One day you might walk in yur father shoes but... they are going to be used to the cord LOL

  2. Great to read this. Now do tell me.

    How has your breathing improved over the last six months? How about the whites of your eyes, skin tone, overall energy and outlook?

    Do you sleep better now? How does it feel to improve your inner health? Do you find you're more flexible than before? How about when you first wake up? Are you digesting better? Nails stronger? Poops more regular?

    To me, far too many focus on that damn scale. Fuck the scale. Let's get to the meat of the issues and talk about how it feels to heal? How the energy changes and new outlooks arrive?

    Anyway, good on you Richard. And really, you can write about anything and I would read it. It doesn't have to be weight or healing. It can be about rocks, sticks and toads.

    I'd still read it, as I am interested in what you want to write about. Whatever that may be.

    1. Ivy I can't answer all your questions at once, I'll leave that to Richard v3.0 but I will take time to answer the one about poop (cause NO one ever has ever ask me about that:

      In Yellowstone National Park, you have this National natural treasure that is 'Old Faithfull' this geyser erupt every 35 to 120 minutes. Talk about being regular! I am exactly like Old Faithfull, but I erupt once every morning... the biggest differences between the geyser and I; I'm NOT a National treasure and sadly, there is no one coming for my eruption and ahhhhh me. But I'm regular!

      Thanks Ivy, you are so sweet, we should move together... I mean on the same blog, I think you could keep doing what you are already doing fantasticly and I would take the credits hahaha

    2. You are the best. Loved this answer. Headed over to your next post, now. I even put my best party dress on.

  3. Welcome back. I wondered where you had gone.

    1. Thanks Lori It's great to be fully back... better watch out LOL

  4. Hey ... good to read you again !

    All the best Jan