Monday, August 3, 2015

Beauty Product for Men

This is a post that might be more for the one or two men that read my post, so lady read if you want but pleeease remember your are not my target audience.
Should real men use beauty product? There is also that line of thought about if you have to ask... but really, should I? I don't know but I'll do some scientific deficient research about it.
Dry Skin
Let me start by putting you in a context... I take a shower, I'm dripping wet (ladies I already told you this is for my fellow men kind, stop dreaming!), I used a towel and dry myself, is that dry skin? Should I applied cream? But then I'll be dirty and need to get back in the shower, but then I'll be dripping wet, ..., is that the circle of life for men?
This seems to be more complex than I first thought but lets move on without finding any answers because I am that unprofessional.
Lip Balm
I just don't like it, do you know what contain balm? emBALMing, so I won't give you more than that, made up your own mind but I'M STAYING AWAY FROM IT!
I know it's not a product, but I'm a man so give me a break. Once upon a time I was in North Carolina in a shopping Mall, I was on the second floor and looking down at the ones in the first floor (yes it's call stalking). I was looking into a Nails shop and saw a man getting a pedicure. My first, my second and my third reflex was to laugh but then it hit me, do I need a pedicure? For 55 years, I have been chewing successfully my own nails (yes I'm that flexible) but by seeing this other male specie getting a pedicure, it kind of validate my own way. So NO don't get a pedicure, but if you do, could you let me know I need a good laugh!
The plane boss, the plane!”
Hair removal
Don't even come closed to me with your bee wax!
I hate to do that but that's all I have for now. I didn't realize doing such a scientific deficient research was that time consuming and there is a game that is about to start on TV and I can't find the remote, so stay tune who knows, I might be back with more unanswered.


  1. My husband gets his back waxed regularly but that is all.

    1. The last time I had my back wax... NEVER! But I don't have a problem, all my hair are staying in my shirt, so I guess I don't have a problem.

  2. I dont know. I think most of the beauty products are just waste of money. I dont know if they bring anything real. Well, i use deodorant and aftershave. This are beauty products as well i quess..

    1. I agree with you plus, in my case, why would I mess up with perfection? hahahaha

  3. Speaking from a female perspective ... the beauty product market for men is certainly growing ... do you think that the younger generation are happier to use these products unlike 'older' men that may not be so happy? Are using deodorant and aftershave more acceptable? But really what is wrong with using face balm?

    Interesting to read the comments.

    All the best Jan

  4. You are always beautiful pawpaw!


  5. Hahahaha...I had a good laugh with this one! Especially with the pedicure :)