Wednesday, August 5, 2015

24 Hours Notice!

Yesterday I said that today I would post suggestion about places to walk. So truth to my statement here is 5 suggestions with some pro and con. This will be so professional, no one will recognize me...
  1. Round and Round
    Maybe the weather look bad, maybe you are still in your sleeping clothing, or you suffer from Agoraphobia (fear of going outside); some people walk in their own home. They go round and round, from the dining to the living room in an endless loop. If you are that dedicate that walking in your house is what you would do... go for it! But why not go the extra mile (figuratively speaking) and Vacuum at the same time.
    Pro: No one care about what you wear; You don't need to shave or brush your hair (if you have them); If it's windy, it might be from what you just ate; Always in proximity of a toilet.
    Con: Boring; Used up the floor; Can trip on your pet or a forgotten lego; Always make sure to turn before hitting the “wall”;
  2. Sidewalking
    You live in a town, there is a sidewalk. The chance are that it will be free cause no one else is walking.
    Pro: Relatively safe, however if a car slow down and the old men offer you candy, walking is not for you, RUN is;
    Con: Don't forget to go to the toilet before leaving home; Dangerous, if a car slow down and the old men offer you candy, don't take any, sweet is poison!
  3. Trail in the wood
    Is there a better way of getting closer to nature by going in a hike?
    Pro: Birds singing; Wind chiming in the trees; Smell and sound show. If you really have to go... there is always plenty of leave to wipe to, but choose wisely make sure you know what is poison Ivy (I'm just saying)
    Con: Watch out you are close to nature and in nature there are bears. I would recommended to go in a group and make sure one is slower and tastier than you are!
  4. Beach walking
    If you are on holiday at a beach, walking it is fantastic!
    Pro: Rolling of the waves; Hot sand; Smell of sun lotion.
    Con: Tidal wave; Sharks; Sun bather (stay focus, don't look side way, remember success is a road paved with tempting parking spaces); and remember some people used the sea as their toilet so don't pick anything.
  5. Shopping Mall
    Sometimes you want to get out of the sun or the 3 feet of the white shit that just felt down; walking at the mall might be a great solution.
    Pro: Climate control (That's it, I have nothing else)
    Con: Don't go on December 24th; Don't look at the Sales sign; STAY away from the food court. Be careful if you go to the toilet, you are not the first one to use them and you might catch something that will require to take penicillin for a long time (not a personal experience).
I'm giving you a 24 hours notice, tomorrow I'm taking a post day off. During my day off, please try to behave but I know it is asking a lot to some of you. LOL


  1. As you can imagine, Richard, my favorite walking is beach walking. Followed closely by woods walking.
    But any walking will do!

  2. These are all great ideas! My favourite is the beach, of course. I'd LOVE to be able to do that!

  3. You forgot about the most efficient form of walking: sleep walking!


  4. Thanks for including the toilet tips in all of your suggested scenarios! Very important detail.

  5. My almost 80 year old mother walks in her house every day for 30 minutes. She also does Wii fit 3 days per week. She is in great shape.

  6. I love walking beside water, a canal or lake just lifts the spirit.

    Perhaps, I'll go for an extra walk tomorrow ...

    All the best Jan