Friday, December 11, 2015

The Martian

I will not give any spoilers, you can read on.
Yesterday I went to the theater to see “The Martian”. It has been out for months and should be out in DVD pretty soon (maybe it's already even out now). The theater feature movies that are not recent but at four bucks, you can't go wrong.
The Martian was great, I read the book and love it and I was expecting the movie to be so so. But I was wrong, it is a movie that when it will be on Netflix, I would surely enjoy watching again.
This is not a science fiction movie with aliens, I would rather categorized it has a very possible fiction. The technology is real.
Now it's time for me to praise Anonymous again as her prize for guessing right my question about my new ninja friend. 
"Kuddos to WWE!"
Yesterday in praising her, I missed very important facts...
Anonymous was not a male but a female and what is even worse; I missed she was my very own daughter WWE. But it's all her fault... for one thing, she didn't signed her comment and she stealthy came to my post without leaving a print in my tool to see from where came the visit (Live traffic feed display on the right side).

Report card for Dec 10th
Bread – 1 Slice
Water – 1 + bottle
Wine – None
Sugar – None
Fried – None
Unhealthy Snacks – None
Walk – over 11 K Steps
Final Score: A


  1. Loved The Martian! Never forget that your beloved daughter sacrificed her reading time with the book after only 11 pages! Took weeks before I got my hands on it again!


  2. Great stuff hitting A. Good for you. I have the 'Martian' book waiting to be read. My husband just finished it and he really liked it. Now it's my turn. And then we'll see the movie!