Thursday, December 10, 2015


Yesterday I thought I was so cleaver. I didn't expect to have to give out my prize but the first and only guess was right!
The answer for yesterday's question is: Raphael. He is one mean Ninja that I adopted. So far he has been so useful:
He crushed ice and made delicious smoothies;
He made ice cream from frozen fruits (just healthy stuff);
And making dough for a chicken pie was as easy as feeding Raphael all the ingredients and pushing his dough's button;
From personal experience, beware of his blades when washing them, it is “cutting” technology!
So Anonymous found the answer, I can't tell much about him so I'll do my best to guess but it might (will) be mostly from my imagination.
I think he is a male. He doesn't waste time with a lot of words but when he talks he has the true on his side. He is like me an introvert. He owned a food processor, this is why he guessed it right away. Thanks Anonymous to have play :-)
To all the others (2 persons) reading my blog nah nah nah LOL 

There is only one true Ninja in this picture

Report card for Dec 9th
Bread – 2 Slices and 1 biscuit
Water – 1 + bottle
Wine – 2 glasses
Sugar – None
Fried – None
Unhealthy Snacks – Almond (just ate too many... next time DO NOT keep the jar open beside me!)
Walk – over 11 K Steps and 2 hours of Pickle ball
Final Score: B


  1. Ah yes, we will never know the identity of the mysterious stranger. But I expect that this person is probably an absolute genius -- after all they guessed the answer SO FAST!


    1. I would not say a genius... I'll say a world dominator-want-to-be! LOL

  2. Oh my gosh, I missed your post yesterday, but what a fun toy. Love it. Can't wait to hear about MORE stuff that you made.

    1. Next good stuff I'll made is peanut butter... I'm just waiting to finish the current jar bought at the store :-)

  3. Look at the cool toy! Best ninja ever. And is that a scarf tied around your head? :)

    1. Well let's hope it's not the band from his undies.

    2. Martha it's a band I bought at Ninja-R-us LOL

      Ivy my G string doesn't have such a wide band hahahahahaha

  4. I LOVE the ninja pic! Glad to be back to my blog buddies.