Friday, December 4, 2015

Health Trail

I pledged several times that I want to get back to the health trail. Each time, I did... for a day or two.
Why is it so hard when in the spring it was so easy? I think that's because I was so successful my brain got the message: “it's easy Richard, anytime you want to, you can drop a few pounds.”
So I took a wrong turn, I started to eat shit like there was no tomorrow. Sugar, fried food, wine and all kind of unhealthy snacks, just bring it on, I kept getting it down into my system without regard for my health. If I stay on this trail, I might just go ahead and book an appointment with my doctor and get back pills for blood pressure and cholesterol.
Now it's December and the holiday are just around the corner bringing more food and drink orgy. I kept telling myself: “I'll wait after so that I can enjoy myself fully during that time” But I know this is just a way to excuse myself before putting my health priority number 24.
One thing that is very wrong with my previous paragraph: “so that I can enjoy myself ” I don't need drinks and food to enjoy myself! As a matter of fact, putting weight on and harming my health make me depress. So why do it to enjoy myself is beyond me, it's that inner language that radicalize so easily poor decision. I have to remind myself that good long term health is a lot more enjoyable than the short “joy” that bring poor choices. I am responsible for my health.
I have been back on the health trail for the past 3 days. Ah ah already down in the path, no one knew. I didn't want to post about it because I didn't want to put pressure on myself.
This time around I'll do one more thing, I'll do like what Natalie used to do, I'll do a daily report card where I'll display for the whole wide world viewing elements that I considered a problem for me to stay healthy.
Report card for Dec 3rd
Bread – 1 Tortilla
Water – 1 bottle
Wine – None
Sugar – None (isn't it sweet?)
Fried – half of a small size
Unhealthy Snacks – None
Walk – over 10 K
Final Score: A -


  1. My boyfriend (not naming names) has a simple calendar on the fridge: all the days of the month separated in 2. He puts in a green check mark on one half if he went to the gym, a green check mark on the other half if he made healthy food choices, and a red "x" on either half if he has failed.

    It doesn't feel good to get lots and lots of 'X's in a row, so it helps him stay motivated not to get into an unhealthy streak. But an 'X' or 2 is not the end of the world, so that makes it easier to deal with special days and meals.

    Your daily report card will probably be just as good a motivator!


    1. Your will-remain-nameless boyfriend had a whole week of red X when I was over, maybe I am a bad influence :-)

  2. I'm slowly climbing back on the healthy wagon too. I don't want to do my report card though... that would make me too accountable...

    1. Go for those steps Natalie, after climbing some you will get momentum :)
      Yes the report card is an accountable tool, yesterday if it had not been for today's report card, I would have had wine... sigh

  3. Hahaha, on your bucket list.

    Thanks for sharing this journey with us.