Saturday, December 12, 2015

New and Inprove Breakfast

In February when I started my run for health, I was about 50 pounds fattier.
My breakfast was always a cup of each: Yogourt, fruits and cereal (cherrios not the sugar lace one but the one that has that delicious carton taste). It was keeping me satisfied all morning.
I found it is just not enough anymore, I feel like I run out of energy just too quickly. So for a while now I have modified my breakfast of champs and removed the cereal and instead eat a toast with PB. This seems to satisfied my demanding body.
It is strange to me being lighter I should need less food not more to do the same tasks. Maybe the answer is that I have more muscles and they required a lot more energy!
Now it's time for me to praise Anonymous (WWE) again as her prize for guessing right my question about my new ninja friend. “Bravo WWE!”

Report card for Dec 11th
Bread – 1 Slice + 1 hamburger buns
Water – 1 + bottle
Wine – None
Sugar – Maple sirup
Fried – Half of a small size
Unhealthy Snacks – Crakers and Cheeze
Walk – over 10 K Steps
Final Score: C


  1. Wow, for how many posts are you going to give me credit for that? :D


  2. I would have guessed, but WWE had already posted the answer.

  3. My guess would have been more muscle, too, but you didn't give us a chance to act smart! :) I love apple with a little bit of peanut butter. That makes me feel full for a long time!

  4. Hey, are you going to make homemade peanut butter in your Ninja?