Monday, December 7, 2015

Life is a Beach

To start with I like to apologize to the ones living in the North. From what I saw in the news, you folks had snow and it's cold. I would not trade places with you but I would love to get a little snow once in a while. LOL
Yesterday was a glorious day, sunny, warm and a nice breeze to cool off a little. So I went to the beaches at Tarpon spring.
First beach was at Fred Howard park. This is a really nice park and the beach is locate in a peninsula. The main purpose to go there was to walk from the park to the peninsula. This is about 2.5 miles back and forth where most of the walk is on the causeway. It can't be beaten as far as perfect walking path.
From Google
After this exercise. Some cool down was necessary. I went to Sunset beach (about 10 minutes drive). It's a free beach, could be one of the best kept secret in this area. It was too hot (again I apologize) to sit in the sun so I found a spot in the shade of a palm tree and read for several hours. Life can be so tough sometimes... but this was not one of those time! :-) 
From Google
Report card for Dec 6th
Bread – 2 Servings
Water – less than a bottle
Wine – 3 Glasses
Sugar – None
Fried – None
Unhealthy Snacks – None
Walk – over 10 K Steps
Final Score: C


  1. I wouldn't mind living the tough life you have there. I'm tough. I can take it :)

  2. Well I didn't need my coat yesterday! It was a gorgeous day! Almost as good as hanging out at the beach!


  3. Lovely! We live about 20 mins from the beach now, we've been so busy we haven't got over there yet since we moved.

  4. Very nice picture. And congrats on the steps.