Monday, December 14, 2015

Bad News Weekend

This weekend I had some bad news. So today it will be only about that.
One of my best friend, this summer, had blood in his urine. He got that checked out and they found out he had a tumor in his bladder.
Like me, he has a home in Florida. He delayed his departure for after his surgery.
At the end of October he got the tumor removed. The tumor was send to be analyze to see if it was cancerous or not.
The result was catastrophic, he has a very aggressive cancer. He was send to get biopsy. More bad news, they found out that he has affected nodes. Furthermore, the cancer has metastases (travel). He is a stage 4.
Saturday I skyped with him. He has started Chemo treatments. The doctors told him that his chance of survival are really slim and that if he respond well to the treatments, they will remove completely his bladder.
It's really heart braking to learn that he has put his home for sale in Florida, update his will and arrange his funeral.
He faces his challenges with his head high. I think that if there is one person that can beat this, that's him. He is relatively young (65) in great shape (he could beat the crap of me at pickleball).
He is the kind of person that if he is out walking and see someone working he would go back and get his tools to help out. From now on, he might be needing helps but he is a really proud person and it is difficult for him to accept a helping hand.
Health is not always about a number on a scale, sometime health is living within our capacity!


  1. It's so sad. :(


  2. That is terrible news. And 65 is so young. My mother, father, and aunt all died of cancer this year 2015 so I can empathise. My mum had over a year to plan her finances and goodbyes and I got to spend more time with her. My dad went into hospital without knowing what was wrong and went downhill over a couple of months, they didn't know about the cancer until the autopsy. And my super-healthy aunt, at 66 years of age, died 11 days after diagnosis. Cancer just doesn't discriminate.

  3. I am so sorry. It has to be hard for everyone surrounding him.

  4. Sad story Richard. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. So sorry about your friend, Richard.

  6. First time visiting your blog; so sorry to hear about your friend; I hope he can beat it and the odds will be in his favor.


  7. First time I've visited in 2016 ... and I'm so sorry to read this Richard.


  8. First time I've visited in 2016 ... and I'm so sorry to read this Richard.