Sunday, December 6, 2015


September 20th my weigh had hit rock bottom in this century and my scale was showing 162.2 lbs. This was a BMI of 25.4, a normal BMI is 24.9 or less so I was on my way to get there.
At the beginning of this week my weigh was at 175.2 lbs, in less than 10 weeks I did so poorly than I gained 13 lbs. This is a lesson to me to keep stepping up on the scale, it is MY best tool to stay focus and on target.
So my goal right now is to downsize my pants from a size 32 to size 30. This should happen when I hit 160 lbs.
Every Sunday I'll put on my report card my current weight and how much I lost or win. If it's a lost of . 5 pounds or more, I'll automatically going to give myself a A +, if I gain more than .1 pound (glup) I'll give myself a E. In between I'll just going to take into account my report's items.
Report card for Dec 5th
Bread – None
Water – 1 bottle
Wine – None
Sugar – None
Fried – None
Unhealthy Snacks – None
Walk – over 10 K Steps
Weight - 170 lbs (lost of 2.2 lbs)
Final Score: A +


  1. There really is natural fluctuations in weight, normally you look at the trend over time, no? You might earn an "F" just for eating something salty. :(


    1. Thanks WWE very interesting article :)

  2. Hey, sorry to hear you put on nearly a stone but going from your patterns, I'd say you'll quickly toss that stone across the pond and gone, gone, gone, it'll be.

    1. Thanks Ivy, I don't fret about it, it happened. I was not force fed so it's all on me, would you like me to send some stones your way? hahaha

    2. No thanks. You can keep your stones. lolololol.