Wednesday, December 9, 2015


If no one guess, I'll give the answer tomorrow. If you guess right, I'll write your name and praise you in my posts for a whole week. ONLY the first one to guess right will be feature in my posts.

Guess who:

- If I touch him correctly, has a pulse

- He is not too social but he can blend in once in a while

- People say that he is not a 50 watts but I thinks he is a lot more than that

- He is very skill with blades

- He is sensible but he can crush even the hardest one without a second thought

Any guess?


Report card for Dec 8th
Bread – 2 Slices and 2 biscuits
Water – 1 + bottle
Wine – None
Sugar – None
Fried – None
Unhealthy Snacks – Popcorn
Walk – over 12 K Steps
Final Score: B -


  1. A blender? A food processor?

  2. Man, I totally missed this Ninja post. Great clues. I have a friend who has one and she LOVES!!!! her Ninja. I hear they can make peanut butter too. How cool.

    Enjoy, enjoy.