Thursday, June 4, 2015

I will draw blood!

Today is going to be a tough day... I could use some people holding my hands.
I will be bleeding gallons of my life’s supporting juice. I will face one of my worst nightmare, I will be climbing my Everest!
Please if you could spend a few minutes sending me some positive thoughts around nine-ish, I would really appreciate it.
There is nothing I can do, I'm so helpless, I will surrender my arm to an unknown person and let him/her stick a very large needle in MY arm to draw MY blood.
I know he/she will tell me to take a deep breath, and then the pain will be so atrocious from having metal plunged into my so soft and tender body.
He/she will fill up bottles after bottles, I don't really know how many, I never look at what is going on but I imagine the bottles are the size of large soft drink bottles.
After he/she is done, he/she will put a band aid on the crater left in my arm. You know those band aid that stick to you like they are part of your own skin, the one that when you pull off you feel your life being pulled with it!
I feel so weak right now, it might be from the 12 hours I had to be fasting before my blood test.
Other than surviving this experience it should be a great day, it's sunny, we are at our baby’s home and going back to our own home after running some errands.
Anything stressful in your day?

UPDATE: (9:21 AM) If you had put a timer to send me positive thoughts at 09:00, something went very wrong...

At 08:57 24 sec0nds I was called into Dracula office. At 08:57 55 seconds I was dismiss. She had her fill of my red Canadian blood. 
She didn't say but I was very brave, I didn't cry much. 

No one told me but I think I should be recuperating for the next 2 weeks. To be safe side, I will not be manipulating any heavy equipment, tooth brush will be OK. I am typing slowly as I'm using only the arm that was not involved. 


  1. Oh no...I'm too late! I came over to offer my support and it's after 9:30. What kind of friend am I when I can't be punctual at moments like these? Well, I hope it went well.

    The most stressful thing in my day is having to come back inside after spending time in the garden. Which stress today :)

    1. No stress in the garden... Martha bee careful... LOL

  2. I hope that the tests all come back favorable.

    1. Thanks Lori, I'm only getting my cholesterol level to see if I need meds any more!

  3. I have used time travel to send you good thoughts this morning!!! The appointment was easier than it would have been without my time travel. You're welcome!


    1. Wow time traveling! isn't it anything you can't do?

  4. Hope the tests will come back OK Richard

    I've made you a virtual cup of tea ... hope that makes you feel better.

    All the best Jan

  5. Thanks Jan for the tea, now if I could just find some virtual biscuits to go with that :)

  6. I just got here and far too late. I did though, laugh at the toothbrush.