Monday, June 8, 2015

I (was not) Signing in the Rain

This morning it was cloudy, I looked at the weather network and no rain was expected for the next 3 hours. So plenty of time to do my security round at the campground.
It’s cold this morning so I put on a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a coat and proceeded to round number one. In my imaginary report, I noted there was almost nobody left. I am not anti-social but boy do I appreciate when we have the whole place to ourselves.
When I walked by our home, I removed my coat and proceeded with round 2. Everything was still fine I noted, well there might be some problems in one of the squirrel’s household but I decided not to intervene. The male is really nuts and the female is after them... I think!
When I walked by our home again, I removed my sweatshirt, I’m still wearing a t-shirt so I'm not too scared of being harassed! During round 3 it started to mist. As I was walking, the mist kept getting thicker, a “normal” person would have read the signs and aimed for home, not me, I wanted to do 4 rounds and I like rain. Walking or running in the rain is fun, you get wet but after you are wet you are not going to get any wetter. So I continued on.
As you might have noticed, I'm walking in a loop, so of course I walked by our place again. I acted like I was removing my t-shirt for my wife’s benefit. From inside the house I heard “WOOHOO” so I guess she appreciated the view.
During the fourth round, it started to rain really hard, my glasses’ wipers are just not fast enough to get the water off my eyes. Within 5 minutes, I was soaked, I was starting to wonder how fishes breath under water. I switched from walking to running, the heck with liking to walk in the rain, I was drowning!
I blame Martha, I read her blog this morning and she mentioned it was pouring rain. I don't know how she did it, but she sent us the flood. I reported her to the weather network, they thanked me and assured me they will look further into the matter. I understand she wants to fill her rain barrel plus it's good for her garden but really why did I have to suffer from her rainmaking dance?
I would not be surprised if she teamed up with super women, the one who is close to the Canadian border. After all they both picked on me while I was not even aware. This morning I was doing some research and came up with THIS. The war is on!  You “silly girls” better watch out...  LOL


  1. Hahahahaha! I LOVE THIS POST. Can't stop laughing. Yes, it was me about the rain :) And that's WONDER WOMAN near the Canadian border, not super woman. But I guess she is super woman, too! I'm not afraid of the weather network. Bring it on! And I guess we kind of picked on you. But in a good way :) Do you forgive us?

  2. Ha! Ha! Richard, you always crack me up. This was a great post.

    Now I have to click that link. I was headed to dish, but this is more fun.

  3. Don't you get dizzy going round and round and round? :)


  4. I've always wanted to do 'Singing In The Rain' but on reading your post - think I'll give it a miss.

    Ha ! Ha ! I so enjoyed reading this post Richard. Hope you dried out and got warm again soon ...

    All the best Jan