Monday, March 23, 2015

Step 1 – Check!

Do you know how to eat an elephant?

If you got excited reading this question and imagined the prospect of binge eating an elephant or if you are looking forward for recipes, what wine or what sauce goes well with this giant… you will be disappointed! Sorry, in my defence (pun not intended) I wrote this blog early and I was trunk with my morning weight!

Do you know how to eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time! LOL
This is the way I always manage everything in my life. I take small bites until 
I’m done with the whole thing.

Ten days ago, I wrote a post describing the steps I would take to reach my ultimate goal of losing 65 pounds in a year. You don’t need to look them up, I reposted them below in blue, including what I was expecting for each step

My plan to lose my weight is split in 4 steps. I didn’t put a time frame for them as each steps is dependent on achieving the previous one and if I had a “by date” time frame on them and I missed, it would have been too stressful.

The fifth step is about maintaining and there will be no end date on that one.

Step 1 – Lose 20 pounds (Start: Feb 1st, 2015 - End: March 23thd 2015)

Today I reached a weight of 195 lbs and I’m done with step 1!

This was the step where I learned to say “NO” to friends, family, stranger and myself. No cake, No chips, No wine, Yes to water (nobody likes negative people). It was the learning step.

It has been 51 days of hell, misery, self doubt, tantrum, and I found that it was so easy.

One of the ingredient about swallowing that bite was my Triple D. Not my cup size folks LOL I mean: Discipline, Dedication and Diet.

I served over 15 years in the military and I was not as discipline as I was with this first step. I have been out walking through all kinds of weather; snowing, very cold temperature and in the heat and humidity of Florida, EVERY day. I even walked on days when we were spending long hours in the car.

What can I say about being dedicated; I’m really successful but I’m still looking for better ways to change my lifestyle. I’m looking at food with new bright eyes; if it’s not good for my health it’s not good period.

When I started in February, I thought I would just slow down with certain food. But I’m so dedicated that I didn’t just slow down, I stopped without even finding excuses to fight back. I accepted and moved on.

The biggest and best decision I took: NO alcohol. I was drinking pretty much every other day and not always in moderation. In the past, it would get me so much off track that I would end up dismissing my “health resolutions”.

When I’m talking about diet, I’m not referring to those programs that restricts you to only food which will make you quickly lose pounds. I’m talking about a way of eating that is healthy and is a life long meal. Now, I eat a lot more… fresh vegetables and fruits. I also eat less (as far as portion size). I completely cut out refined sugar; I was eating dessert twice a day. I rarely have fried food, and no unhealthy snacks. It’s all about lifestyle!

I will post about the next steps when I complete them. Thanks for reading, I appreciate all the encouragements and advices given. I hope you folks are doing great and that you are getting healthier with every decision you make. 

Step 2 – Lose 15 pounds

That step will change my label from obese to overweight. Can’t wait to proudly tell everyone, “I’m Overweight!” Weight at the end: 180 pounds

Step 3 - Repeat Step 2

This is when your mind is working its hardest at tripping you… “No Richard you are feeling great you don’t need to go further”. The easiest way of dealing with that: “Shut up mind, you don’t know what you are talking about.” Weight at the end: 165 pounds

Step 4 – Lose last 15 pounds

I didn’t put any time frame on any of those steps, but this one will take the longest. It will change my label from overweight to normal. This is the weight I was in my late teen and early twenties, too bad I threw away all my clothes from then. Weight at the end: 150 pounds

Step 5 – Maintain

Just thought I’d mentioned it here to remind myself about it. This is when I’ll see if I really changed my lifestyle or if I just dieted and I’m slipping back. I’ll have more to say about this as I get closer to this step.

 A good thing I cut my toes nail last night!


  1. Congrats on your first milestone! It's quite an accomplishment. :-)

    1. Thanks Elaine but I would have expect you to comment on my naked feet ha ha ha

  2. I was gonna ask you if you cut your toes last night. You are funny. Much congrats and thanks for sharing all of this with us. Very, very cool.

    1. Thank you Ivy, I'm sure glad I didn't put on nail polish ;)

    2. I was thinking nail polish would have been nice.

  3. Yay on hitting #1! Doing awesome and rolling right along! Onward....


    1. Thanks coming from Superwomen, it's a great compliment :)

  4. Congrats, you're doing awesome!!!!

    Do you find your tastes changing as you cut refined sugar? For me apples are soooo sweet, soda almost impossible to drink, etc.


    1. Thanks WWE,

      We are in Florida, we eat Oranges! I find the wine taste like water... WAIT it is water LOL

      Your Mom is also doing great, however, she didn't want to come on the scale with me...

  5. Many congratulations from me too .....

    All the best Jan


  6. Wonderful news. Step one, tick!

  7. Awesome! You're on a roll, friend. The first step to success with this is enthusiasm. And you've got plenty of that!

    1. Thanks Martha, you are right enthusiasm is definitely a great asset in this race :)

  8. Outstanding my friend! Glad to hear you hit that first milestone. You're inspiring others to take control as well. Onward!

    1. Thanks you FD. "You're inspiring others to take control as well" this is the greatest compliment I could ever hope for... you made my day!

  9. Congratulations! This is great! :-)