Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sound of Nature

Yesterday morning when I first looked at my competition for vivofit, I had slipped to number 2. To be number 2 back in January would have been more than acceptable for me but in March with a leaner and better tuned machine, it was not!

So at 06 hundred (06:00 am), I put on my walking shoes, a smile on my face and started to work on my steps… for 2.5 hours. By the time I got back to the house, my Vivofit was really happy with its 15 K steps. My goal for the day was 25 K steps so I was 3/5 done.

It was dark outside; since we changed the time, the sun rises at 7:30. It was quiet and peaceful, I just love mornings.

I was listening to some Zen type music where roosters are roosting…, doves are doving, thousands of birds are singing and stepper and stepping. WAIT a minute! I had no earphones on, the Zen music was live music, it was the real thing, the sound of nature awakening.

I was walking on the street. I could have walked on the sidewalk as I was alone but there are some bushes on some lots and in bushes there might be snakes, and I have a phobia about snakes. I think it’s a hereditary condition, in my root tree, there are Adam and Eve…

At around 6 and a half ish, the sky slowly changed from a deep dark canvas where you can see stars to a dark blue where you can start to guess your surroundings.

At 7:30 the sun rose, beautiful and breath taking! It was pink and the bottom was almost blue. I didn’t have my camera; it would have been a post card shot!

So, yesterday with 25,671 steps total, I took back my rightful place as number 1 in the competition.

I’m not the only one pushing farther because of the Vivofit, my wife also got one and she is also pushing it further. Yesterday evening we went for a walk (I still needed 4 K to reach my goal), she also needed 4 K to reach 15 K. When we got back home, she uploaded (sync) her Vivofit. She was disappointed because she didn’t get a new badge. I showed her the ones I have and commented about one called “Double Goal”. Every day depending on how many steps you take, Vivofit gives you a goal to achieve for that day. If you step double this goal you get the badge. My wife looked at her goal and she needed about 1,200 steps to get the badge. We were sitting watching TV, she got up and started to step on the spot to get the “Double Goal” badge. She did it! I’m not the only one having fun! :)

How are you doing? I’m still catching up on blogs, comments, emails, I’ll get there eventually. Weekend is generally a slow blogging activity time so I might be able to catch on all of you today or tomorrow. 


  1. This is exciting! Are you going to maintain your number 1 spot or will someone step all over your dreams tonight????


    1. I think I can go to bed with a clear conscience tonight; I already have over 14 K and I will get enough today to get to the finish line first. Well that is my plan, never know with the end in sight some of my competitions might just go for a last dash effort!

  2. I did things like your wife did all of the time when I was competing to get 1000 miles in during the course of one year. I'll get back to it one day, when my hips are both healed.

    1. A 1000 miles in one year... that is over 2.7 miles a day, good day bad day, holidays... that's outstanding! You are a machine!

      Wow Lori this must be more hurtful to you to had to stop then the surgery.

      My wife had never enjoy walking or running, I think she is hook now :)

    2. The wife here: I have always enjoyed walking. Biking is even better. It's the running for running I don't get! Run after a ball or a guy, makes sense to me. ;)

    3. Hey wife, there is NO running after guy, right?

  3. Well Done Richard.

    Also although you didn’t have your camera; I can imagine the post card shot!

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan nothing like a morning stroll to wake up my senses!

  4. Hahahaha! I howled at that 'Adam and Eve' hereditary statement.

    The sounds of nature awakening! Best music in the universe. Did you skip along once in awhile? :)

    1. Martha are we related? Maybe 'Adam and Eve' are also in your family tree!

      I was not skipping, I was too concentrate and kept repeating to myself: "Left, right, left, right, ..." LOL