Sunday, March 15, 2015

Have to Weight

Oups yesterday’s spoiler is tomorrow’s post. Sorry, I forgot that I had also meant to post my weight every 2 weeks and today is Weight Day. It’s either time for joy, celebration, and dancing the dance of success or it’s a dark and an humiliating day without dancing, just a walk of shame!
I will weigh myself every 2 weeks on Sundays. My goal is to lose 2.5 pounds every 2 weeks (1.25 a week). I don’t have my specific weight from March 1st but I have the one from February 15th (4 weeks ago). At the time, I was at 208 lbs. So for today to be a day I can declare as successful, I have to be less than 203 lbs. What is my weight this morning? 

196.8 Lbs

This is a loss of 11.2 lbs in 4 weeks, it's  more than double my intended goal. I’m extremely happy however I think I lost a lot of liquid with all the walking of the past 3 days, I will be expecting in the next Weight day to lose less than 2.5 pounds. I know it’s easier to lose weight in the beginning. I’m conscious it will be more difficult in the future. 

Nothing unexpected happened yet and now I’m building-up a little safe zone for when it will slow down. Next week, once I’m back in Florida, I’ll set a maximum of calories I want to eat in a day and will start eating accordingly.

I will also report on my weight when I reach a certain milestone. Those are the days where you will see a picture of my toes on a scale. The next Milestone is 195 lbs (It will be 20 pounds total since I started this health journey) and at 191 lbs when my BMI will be less than 30 (I will only be overweight). Hey anytime I feel it’s worth bragging about, it is a perfect time to post it.

As part of my celebration, I’ll go out and steps a couple thousand times :)
I’m still stepping up to my Vivofit, 18,782 steps to be exact. Is anyone else doing great? Anyone needs a pep talk? It’s not because it’s the weekend that no one is watching you! (StalkerRUs)

 I like to dedicate this song to my fat!
 "These boots are made for walking"


  1. So many pounds lost! Where did they go? We don't care, they can stay lost! :D


    - WWE

    1. Thank you, That is right WWE they are lost, I should put pictures of my fat every where with a caption: "Missing if found please do NOT return to Richard!"

  2. Hahaha...a song dedicated to your fat! Love that. Congratulations on the weight loss. You are doing great.

    1. Thank you Martha, if I had knew it was so easy to lose weight, I wouldn't have wait 55 years to do so. LOL

  3. So well done Richard ....

    Our feet, boots, shoes are just made for walking.

    Have a good week

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan, I am taking full advantage of their purposes. :)

      You have a good week too.

  4. I am happy for you Richard. To loose very slowly is the best. Keep up the good work.

    Have a great day and a great walk.


    1. Thanks Choco (Mousse), right now, it's losing too fast, I'll fix that soon.

      I'm just back from a second walk today, I hope you are keeping up walking on your side?

    2. Walking like you are doing will make you loose faster I think. Anyway, like you said, at the beginning we loose alot of water.

      On my side, I go out every day, walk around a bit with my dogs, training my little one for her "poupou" an also to stay near me an not go out of the drive-way. Just to take some fresh air feels good I find.

      Unfortunately you can just dream about a Choco mousse...ah ah ah.

      Thanks for keeping an eye on me, feels good.


    3. Mouse I walk a lot but it doesn't seem like I'm getting any where :)

      I'm so happy you go out, keep it up, don't do too much until you get some answers but a nice slow short walk can't hurt you.

      I wear glasses so I see everything ha ha ha

    4. Will you keep writing about your health and your progress when you guys arrive in Florida ?

      I sure hope so ? So much fun and interesting to read your every day post on your health and everything you do to obtain results.

      At the same time I will keep you informed of my health and my tests results ?

      Deal ?

    5. It's a deal Choco, it was not my intention of stopping. I might skip a day here and then.

  5. Woohoo. Good on ya'. This is exciting stuff.

    1. If it get anymore exciting than this, I might need a strait jacket! LOL

  6. Great job!! Enjoy your success.