Saturday, March 14, 2015

Getting Healthy

Lately I have been reading blogs that mentions “health is not a number”. I agree, you can have two persons with the same height and same healthy weight and one can be healthy and accomplish everything they want to do in their day while the other is often ill and can’t do much.

My goal is to lose 65 lbs in a year. Weight is the number one factor endangering my health right now. Losing that extra weight is something I can physically measure and track its progress. As a goal, I didn’t write “Get Healthy” how would I measure that? I have always enjoyed numbers and statistics, and here again they help me make this journey more tangible. Once my goal is reached, I will be concentrating at ways to maintain a healthy weight and other ways to be healthier. This is when the new lifestyle will be completely implemented.
When I look at my goal and compare with others… I really think I’m lucky, I could be hundreds of pounds away from a healthy weight.

I follow Sean's blog; he weighed 505 pounds, that’s a quarter of a ton! He had problems finding a scale that would be able to weight him. On his first day to getting healthier, he walked a quarter mile. Can you imagine yourself doing that? To help me visualize it, I imagined going to a gym and lifting and carrying 300 pounds for a quarter mile… I wouldn’t even be able to lift that much weight, forget about walking with it!

After 10 days of his turn around, he was walking a full mile! Isn’t that something?

Today Sean is in the two hundreds range, the man lost more than one obese-me in weight. Astonishing!

So I guess my biggest challenge is my age. My doctor has been telling me for years that as I age, my metabolism is slowing down and it will be almost impossible to lose weight.

I read about Gwen, in 2013 she was in her early 60’s and she lost 66 lbs. Amazing!! Too bad I can’t use the age excuse anymore.

We all have choices: we can choose to follow good examples, we can choose to be good examples or we can just find excuses.

Spoiler alert… Today’s post was supposed to be about small things we do for ourselves that can bring huge benefits but I didn’t even get to that part yet so tomorrow’s post will be all about it.

Have a great Saturday, I hope you folks are keeping active and are doing your best to stay healthy.

I walked over 30,000 steps in 2 days... 

Yesterday walk in the park!

One more badge, I'm going to run out of skin to be tattoo with all those badges :)


  1. Great post, Richard! So I went to visit Sean's blog. Amazing. What an inspirational man. And he's a grandpa? He looks so young! Stories like that really motivates others, as well. I know too well about the slowing down of metabolism. Once upon a time I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain an ounce. When I hit 40 WHAM, game over. So I did the only thing I could do: change my lifestyle. I started eating better and exercising regularly. Sure my metabolism needs a swift kick in the ass all the time, but it's worth it. I feel healthy and more energetic. Plus, there are people that love me and would like me to stick around for as long as possible. I can't control everything but I can control what I put into my body. Your enthusiasm and determination are inspiring! I know you'll do great and you will thank yourself for it!

    1. Thank you Martha, yes Sean is one special person. I guess you don't need to be on "The biggest loser" show to take charge of your own life.

      You are so right; we can write it down, get it tattoo on our forehead, say it, repeat it over and over, dream it; everything is about lifestyle. There is no diet, no magic pills, no surgery, no exercise that will keep you healthy for your whole and longer life. I wish when I was as young as you are, I would have been as wise as you are! LOL

  2. I've never been able to eat whatever I've wanted, but as I go from year to year, it gets harder and harder to lose weight (or move, sometimes), so age has an affect... but it still all comes does to our choices. That's both empowering and extremely frustrating! :)

    1. Hi Kyra, I don't denied that as we age our metabolism slow down. But I think that if we exercise and eat right, it will not be such a big deal.

      In summer we play pickleball with friends that are more than 10 years older than we are, they beat the crap out of us. But, they were and are always active. At night around the camp fire, they'll have wine and snacks... I'm considering changing my friends group! LOL

  3. So many steps! Congrats! Are you still enjoying your walks? It's great that you're getting in some sunshine during the winter. :)

    I haaaate walking in the winter, but cross-country skiing isn't so bad!

    - WWE

    1. You bet I'm enjoying my walk; There is no car zipping by sending slush, there is no traffic light or road to crossed. I don't even need music in my hear, the beat of nature is plenty for me. At 9:00 AM this morning, I had already log over 5,000 steps. Tomorrow we are going to be with your sistah, so sidewalk will be my next track Sigh!

      For the sunshine, today we are getting snow, so no sunshine today.

  4. Great post indeed. No using age, that I agree with. Keep up the great work and have an fun Saturday.

    1. Ivy I'm retired so every day are Saturdays for me and I always have fun on Saturdays!

      Thank you, you are just too sweet, I was trying to cut sugar from my diet... I'll do one exception :)

    2. Hahaha. You are funny. Thanks bunches.