Sunday, April 10, 2016

Excuses Excuses

Wow 3 months without a post... what happened you might wonder. I have so many excuses, here is a list of my 10 most likely reason why I didn't blog:
1. I was in a coma. As a matter of fact, when I woke up the first thing I ask was: “What happen in the blogging world?”
2. Both of my hands were amputated. It was a freakish accident. I was shaving my face outside with a very sharp blade when my blade fell on the ground, I tried to pick it up, but an alligator was there and ate my hands. It took 3 months to get prosthesis, now I can type and even scratch my balls (the eye-balls one, what do you think!)
3. I forgot to pay my Internet provider and they cut me off. Just kidding, I can live without a lot of things but internet is not one of them.
4. My computer froze. It took 3 months for it to thaw back to life. If you believe that one, I have a sink hole for sale in Florida, it is easy to find, it's locate by a swamp!
5. I was too busy playing pickelball. Every day, it was like having a j-o-b but without getting the monetary rewards. Talking about j-o-b, I never was as professional as I was on the court; Always on time; I didn't mind doing extra work; Once in a while there was meeting to attend in the middle of the court.
6. I got hit by a time warp. One day it was the beginning of January, the next one it was April. What happen meanwhile, your guess is as good as mine.
7. I died, and 3 months later, resurrected. Oh wait, that is someone else and he didn't need 3 months!
8. One of my blogging competitor threaten to sued me because I was too awesome. This could be a dream... I'm not too sure!
9. I forgot my password and couldn't log back in. To prevent this to ever happen again, I'll share it with you: 'mypassword' please put that in a secure location and if I ever need it, I could just ask one of you.
10. One of my favorite excuse when I was in school... I did it but the dog ate it. Never mind I don't have a dog, the stupid mutt ate all my last 3 months posts.
There you go folks, I had good excuses to not blog for a while.
By the way, I'm back in the North. I was so tired of wearing, shorts and sandals, it is great to be back with 50 pounds of clothing, just to be warm enough to go to the store. I also stopped shaving, the extra layer of hair might be just enough to keep my face from getting frost bite.
Hope you are all doing great.


  1. Oooh, should we guess? I think excuse number 6 is the real one!


    1. You might be on something... Maybe too I was abducted by alien and they travel in time.

  2. You are flippin' funny. I had to read these out loud to Tim. Great stuff. Welcome back :-)

    1. Thanks Ivy, it's great to be back ;)

  3. I've been wondering what happened to you (and Fogdog too, who must still be in his coma). Glad you are conscious again. You've missed me going on and off diets and changing my mind every other day about sugar and carbs and being totally tedious. But don't worry, I'll do it all over again for another three months just for you!

    1. hahaha you made me laugh. Can't wait to read all about your journey for the next 3 months, that you will do just for me :))

  4. hahaha you are forgiven for this serious crime due to hilarious gift of smiles you brought on our faces ,
    have a blessed week ahead

    1. Thank you Baili and welcome. Smiling is a great exercise :)

      I was already bless by having your comment.

  5. HAHAHA! These are good. I'm going to keep them in mind in case I ever need good excuses. Nice to have you back, Richard. Since you made us laugh, all is forgiven :)

  6. Great to read your post.
    Welcome back ...

    All the best Jan