Thursday, January 7, 2016

Who let the kids out – p2

Yesterday I was talking about Patrick, 75 years old, smiling even after doing 4 hours of physical activity.
Today I like to talk about my neighbor. Three years ago when I bought my house in Florida, I met them. They are a very old couple. Marcel had a stroke about 15 years ago and since then, he has been having problem remembering words.
They take their car to go every where; the club house that is about 2 minutes walk, at one of her sister that is in the same park. They really are older so it is to be expected, right?
Marcel often talks about death, not in an obsessive way but every conversion I had with him he always mentioned that he will not be around for long. He is right! he is even 3 years closer since the first time I met him.
What those folks lost is their quality of life. They don't do nothing else than wait for the day when there will be a light to walk to.
But they are the same age as Patrick! Why one person is like a kid and the others are elders. One is all about moving and be active and the other are sitting waiting for the day that they go on their eternal trip.
It's all about the choices we made. We harvest what we sow, don't we?
The choice is ours, we can have fun, while playing. It doesn't mean we are not aching after our workout. Or, we can take it “easy” and just stay on the side line witnessing our quality of life running by.
Personally, I choose to stay a kid and have fun with every thing I do. I walk daily and play pickelball regularly, I'm even thinking of playing tennis. I am not an athlete and it is not my goal, but I'm getting better. What do you do? Are you a kid? Are you on the side line?



  1. If he had a stroke, he might have mobility issues?

    But yes, being physically active is good! I've been enjoying a 15 minute very brisk walk every night to go to a bus stop where I have more options for buses instead of standing around waiting -- and it's awesome. Especially now that I get to see the sun!

  2. Content de voir que tu gardes ton coeur d'enfant! La vie est trop courte pour rester assis à attendre qu'elle finisse! J'espère qu'il fait beau et chaud par chez vous! Fais moi signe quand tu reviendras on s'organisera quelque chose!

  3. Hey Richard. Long time no chat. Stopped in to say howdy and as for you being a kid. For sure. That's the way to go.

    Wishing you and your honey bunny a healthy week ahead.

  4. I came by to say 'hey' and lo and behold I also find Wonder Woman (aka The Happy Whisk) here. *waves to wonder woman*

    So how are you doing? Long time no hear from you. I hope everything is good. Greetings from Kingston!

  5. Just stopping by ... hope all is well.

    All the best Jan

  6. Hellloooooooooo ????? I miss hearing from you!

  7. I hope no one filled a missing person report :)

    1. We got really close...really close :) Nice to hear from you!