Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Who let the kids out!

My computer must have a virus. There is something really wrong with the date, it says that we are in 2016, how can it be? Where did 2015 go? I guess I'm a little late but happy 2016 folks, I wish you all health, prosperity and may the force be with you!
But what I really wish is that we might grow younger...
Last year, or 3 weeks ago to be more precise, I was playing pickelball. There was one gentleman, his name is Patrick, that also came to play. We didn't started the games that he was already sweating, his shirt was wet. But he was smiling so everything must have been good. He is a very good player and have a mean slide to his ball. Always playing with a smile in his face, meanwhile I'm just trying to keep up with his game.
Last year, or last week to be more precise, I went to walk at the rec center just 2 minutes from my home. There is tennis court and as I'm walking, I always look at the games that is going on. I should mention that Pickelball is a bit like tennis but less of a workout. As a matter of fact, a lot of pickelball players are tennis players that couldn't play tennis any more.
Who do I see coming out of the tennis court? Patrick! He had just played 2 hours of tennis. He told me that when there is pickelball, he go and played tennis first and then he go to pickelball. He is 75 years old, I'm 55 years old and after playing 2 hours, I am in such pain that I can't barely drive back home! He plays 2 hours of tennis and 2 hours of Pickelball and he is still smiling. I think he is a kid that forgot to age.
I have a point I like to make but it will have to wait for tomorrow, I have to go play now... have a great day folk!


  1. Glad to see you back - happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year, Richard. I have no idea where 2015 went. I looked under the table and the bed and I couldn't find it. I guess it just whooshed past us.