Thursday, April 21, 2016

Peace and Quiet

Coming back to Canada after spending the winter in sunnier Florida is like moving; There is a lot of packing, meals at restaurants, sleeping in different bed.
But what is different from moving and is so much fun (I say sarcastically) is all the appointments: Doctor, dentist, renewal of driver permit and such, get groceries (a lot of), process months of mail and one of my favorite: fill the income tax.
Because of all that, yesterday was another trip in town. I even stay for the night.
To get some peace and quiet, I went to Costco. When I got to the line at the cashier, there was a lady before me. She was talking to a women in the next line. Talking is lightly put... she talked and talked, never needing to stop for air. My ears were ringing for this consistent bla bla bla... By the time she had put her cart's content on the cashier belt, I was so relieve thinking that she would be quiet for a seconds or two. But no, she knew the cashier and without interruption, started to talk to her. Finally, she paid and walked away... To my relieve, I could slowly hear her voice fading as she was getting away.
As soon the cashier greet me, I mentioned; “boy this women is a talking machine” and smile. She knew I wasn't being mean as I was smiling and she laughed.
I paid and walked out of the store, who do you think I catch up to? What did I do to Karma?
Today, as soon as possible, back to my place in the country. Where it's noisy: singing birds, meowing cats, the ruffling wind in the tree. 



  1. My BFF is a talker. There are very few empty silences when we are together. But for some reason with her, it doesn't bother me.

  2. Thank youuu for bringing sunshine back from Florida! It's nice, and sunny, and WARM today!


  3. I recently had a cashier who was telling everyone person she served the story of her daughter giving birth, in vivid detail, as she was there to watch the whole thing. She had no concept of too much information! But the worst bit was she couldn't talk and scan at the same time so it took forever to get through the checkout.

  4. There is good noise and there is bad noise. Incessant talking is the bad type :) I get a headache when there's too much blah blah blah... You must have upset Karma to catch up to her after you were done at the cash. What sins do you have, Richard? LOL...

  5. Oh yeah, and I owe you some of these ....


    Enjoy :-)