Saturday, April 16, 2016

Walking... Dead

Sometimes (some people may not agree that it's only sometimes) I'm not that smart! In a moment of weakness I subscribed to Netflix. For most people this is not a problem, for Richard a TV junkies it was a life changing event.
I don't know how I would be able to enjoy regular TV anymore. On Netflix; no advertisement, no schedule to check if my show is playing, no game that kick out my shows and that the following day, I checked my recording and it's missing. I have full control, I can watch as many shows as long and at the time it please me. You might think those are advantages but let me say this again... I AM A TV JUNKIES!
So for my weekend post, I'll talk about TV shows. The first one in that series... The Walking Dead.
For years, I have from time to time, surfed the TV programming and notice that show. I thought what the heck is wrong with the persons watching something so stupid! I can answer this, I watched all 5 seasons on Netflix, and I can't wait to see Season 6 that is currently on TV.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me without spoiler, describe it.
There was a virus that spread in the U.S. Once someone get the virus, they died. What about the walking part Richard you might ask. Well they come back from the dead but they are not human anymore. They just walk aimlessly. Wow if I had read this before, I would have never watch the show but it get better, stick with me.
Those walkers has no purpose, they don't even seem to feel anything; you could cut their arms, open their stomach and pull out their entrails, no problem, it might slow them down but like the energizer bunny, will still keep going and going.
It seems that the only thing they are motivated to do is to eat living people (also known as not dead). I don't really understand why they don't eat dead people but hey I'm not in their shoes.
I'm not watching the shows for entertainment, I'm watching to learn: What would I do if this ever happen in Canada?
I have learned so much already, I'm the type of person that would have tried to reason with them. Maybe let them chew on a finger while explaining how wrong this is. THIS IS THE WRONG APPROACH! What you have to do is stick something in their brain to kill them indefinitely. You can stick: a knife, a sword, a bullet, you can even bash their head... it will do the trick. Ouf! I'm so glad to know that, bring them on! I'm ready, I'm keeping my Swiss knife at the ready.
If you don't want to watch the show, it's OK, when you start to see walking dead people coming for your limbs, hurry up come to me, I know what to do.

This is a test if you fail, you are doom. One of those two is dead, can you guess wich one? 
Have you watch it?


  1. You watch to learn. Hahaha. You are funny. But yeah, we don't even have basic cable or TV in our house. Nope. Just NetFlix, Amazon Prime (similar to Netflix), and YouTube.

    Happy Weekend. I'm hoping for No SNOW!

    1. No cable TV... that's so crazy girl! :)

      A good weekend to you too, i'm hoping for the snow to melt down

    2. When I met Tim he didn't have cable or even basic and neither did I. And all this time later, we still don't.

      Thanks for asking about the YouTube channel. I am working on that and will let you know as soon as I go LIVE.


  2. You failed to give me credit for getting you interested in the educational program that is Walking Dead! For shame, pawpaw!

    By the way, the interpretation from the comics AND it was said at least once by a character on the show at some point is that the survivors are the walking dead. Whoooaaa!!


    1. I like to give credit to my daughter WWE to get me interest in Walking Dead.

      There you go, if Fathers day was not coming in the next couple of months, I would have delete this comment hahaha

      Darn I'm all confuse now about who is dead, should I keep my Swiss knife handy?

  3. I just finished watching the series. It was great and now I know how to survive if it happens lol

    1. Spread the words Barry... I think it will start in the maritime... that's what happen when you are an hour in advance :)

  4. SOLD! So I just told my husband that we should get into this series. We just recently finished watching every episode of every season of the X-Files; we're eager for something else! Plus, I want to be ready just in case the zombie apocalypse starts. You just never know, right? It may already have started. If you look around, some people are already like zombies :)

    1. Good choice on the x-files now you know they are out there... but if you didn't watch it, I would try those shows too. You can do it, just cut on your sleeping time, eat in front of the TV, lock your door, disconnect the phone, stop talking, don't post anything for 3 months... Oups! I was trying to keep that secret. Get a bag of chips... did I say chips? I mean carrots of course!

      - Breaking Bad (unless your name is Ivy, you never know what is cooking)

      - Orange the new black(just in case you or your husband end up in jail)

      - House of cards (it help to keep aces up your sleeve)

      - Dexter (let just say it's a great guideline for the serial murder in us)

      - Pee wee's playhouse (just kidding, I want to see if you are reading)

      - Saving Grace (I love the last episode)

    2. All easy to do...except for the not posting for 3 months! How could I survive without all my mean wonderful blogging pals? :)

      Thanks for the suggestions!