Friday, April 29, 2016

Life is Going to be so Easy

I have been 2 weeks without running water. Today it's really exciting, I will be getting running water IN MY home.
During those weeks, I went to a daily trip to the lake to pick up buckets of water to flush my toilet.
I had to get to the front gate and filled up Jerry cans of water for cleaning the dishes and brushing the teeth that I have left.
I bought bottle waters for drinking and using in the food preparation.
But for those 2 weeks, I didn't take one single shower... in my home. I had to go to the main building.
From now on, life is going to be so easy!
Do you have running water? Do you like it? 



  1. Life is already much easier for us here now that there are no snowflakes on the ground.

    Gonna be a beautiful weekend! :)

  2. As long as there's heating in the winter and running water year round, life is quite easy!