Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 1 and 2

February 1st, my weight was 215 pounds. This means for my height, my BMI was 33.7 which label me in the obese group. I can’t do anything about my height (apparently even wearing 6 inches high hill doesn’t count). The only thing I can change is my weight.

I didn’t put all that extra weight in a few weeks; it has been years of gobbling all the wrong food in excess amount. I take full responsibility, if I had kept my mouth shut more often, my dough- dough body would be more like a spaghetti shape.

My target for the next 40 weeks is to loose one pound per week. After that stage I will be only over-weight. I will still have a long way to go, but I will already be pushing-up my health.

I am retired so training time is not an issue. I will torture myself walking and jogging. I’m really careful not to put too much stress on my over-size frame. So right now it’s more walking and I just lightly jog few times in the last mile.

I used to run a lot, my weight was lower but even then my knees didn’t appreciate all that pounding. This is why I have to be really careful about how I will approach my schedule.

I walk without a timer, I know if I started to run with one I will be ending running against the time and end up faster having to stop for a while to recuperate from injury. Slow and steady will win my race.

Once a week, I will put a walking and weight log. Nothing hidden, the truth the whole truth and nothing but… 


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