Thursday, February 19, 2015


Last night I had a dream… I dream t of celery! There is no mistake, you read right: c-e-l-e-r-y and I’m not even fond of this particular vegetable. Where this did come from? I never heard of anyone dreaming of celery before. If you hadn’t heard about someone dreaming of celery before, well now you can say you have!

Yesterday’s post about walking vs running has cleared things up for me. I always thought running was the best exercise of the two. I did it in the past; I enjoyed it and was now only walking till my weight would be low enough so I could start running again… So, as I wrote my post and did the math about the calories and the other benefits, I convinced myself that walking is the best exercise for me and that I am no longer a runner.

There will be other big changes coming up, for one thing my running shoes have been re-labelled, they are now my walking shoes.

I will never be training to run a marathon, and no, I will not be walking one either! Maybe I’ll walk a half marathon at some point but it’s not even in my goals.

One more benefit from walking is that after the walk I have energy left to do other activities. This will be really helpful this summer as I intend to keep my walking schedule and enjoy playing pickleball. Beware though that I might not have enough energy left for vacuuming *cough* *cough*
So here is my pledge: I pledge to walk to the finish line of my 150 pounds goal.

Don't miss tomorrow's post, I will be giving you the secrets about losing weight and keeping it all off. I'm sure no one would be able to sleep tonight because of all the excitement! 

Sweet dreams


  1. When life gives you celery, it's time to make yourself some celery-lemonade!

    - WWE